節目介紹 Introduction

DIVA-《超模是我:魅惑女伶》(SupermodelMe: Sirens)



“Raw”, “Organic” and “Uncensored”, TV’s most glamorous reality competition is back for a fifth season of hot bods and high cheekbones. But if the past 4 seasons are anything to go by, beating a bunch of other supermodels is going to take a lot more than just beauty! Watch and cheer as these leggy beauties use everything they’ve got – brains, wits and stamina – to claw their way to the top in a series of strenuous challenges. As if that wasn’t already a hard enough, wait till egos get bruised and toes are stepped on. The biggest challenge the girls are going to have to deal with is each other!

角色介紹 Characters


Contestant-Nadia Christian


Looking at Nadia’s qualifications is intimidating, to say the least. A mix of Korean and British heritage, this gifted model graduated with a degree in psychology, music and cognitive neuroscience and she can play the piano, flute and violin. She also loves going to the beach, swimming, surfing, rock-climbing and running. She’s competitive, and she’s smart, but does she have what it takes to conquer the Asian modeling market?


Nicole Söderström


Her daddy’s born to prestige but Nicole’s definitely not a spoilt princess. At only 9-year-old, she landed her first gig and her hard work got her a beauty tutorial in a beauty magazine. She believes that there is always room for improvement and for everyone who ever doubted her or didn’t give her a second chance, she’here to prove you wrong.


Rafaella Leonardo


She may be only 21 but growing up with a big family and a twin sister(who’s also in this competition!) has made her independent ever since a young age. If something needs to be done, Rafaella’s definitely not afraid to get down and dirty. A fan of the arts, she sees modeling as more than just fashion; it’s art and beauty of the mind. She dabbles in sports and enjoys reading and writing during her free time, too.


Sharin Keong

22歲172CM新加坡,出身新加坡,Sharin絕非一般女生。曾在2010年新加坡小姐選美比賽中獲得新加坡環球選美皇后的頭銜,以及2012年New Paper New Face比賽的冠軍。更不用提她的走秀經歷,曾參與的活動包括數位時裝週和FIDe時裝週。在2013年曾幫佐丹奴拍攝廣告活動。她能夠贏得本季冠軍而為她的經歷再添一筆嗎?只有時間能夠證明。

Born and bred in Singapore, Sharin is anything but ordinary. She was crowned Miss Singapore Global Beauty Queen in the Miss Singapore Pageant 2010 and the winner of New Paper New Face 2012. Not to mention walking she also graced the runways of Digital Fashion Week and FIDé Fashion Week. This girl has even don an ad campaign for Giordano in 2013. Will she add the title of being the winner of SupermodelMe Season 5 under her belt? Only time will tell.


Shi Lim


While attending university in New York, Shi started freelance modeling before going on to be crowned as Miss Universe Singapore in 2013 and represented Singapore at Miss Universe 2013. Being in the limelight, she had to deal with haters who thought she wasn’t pretty enough to be a beauty queen. Can she handle the pressure cooker environment of a reality show?


Victoria Blom


Victoria first dabbled in modeling at the age of 14 and began pursing it after she turned 18. Growing up surrounded by negativity, it taught her to truly value herself and to cherish the people she loves. Having walked for Elle Fashion Week, Victoria wants to make her mother pround and to show her full potential through SupermodelMe. One thing’s for sure, her spunky attitude is sure to spice up the model house.


Contestant-Kea Lee

21歲176 CM馬來西亞,不要以為這女孩很好操控,她的強悍個性和堅硬態度將會席捲本季節目。Kea不只是模特兒,她是位運動高手,包括壁球、羽毛球、網球,還會彈鋼琴,以及熱愛購物。還有什麼東西是這位女孩不會的嗎?她還在今年吉隆坡時裝週參與走秀!其他女孩要小心,因為她是來真的。

Don’t think this girl for a pushover as her strong head and ambitious attitude is going to take this season by storm. Not only can she model, Kea does sports such as squash, badminton, tennis, plays the piano, and she loves shopping, too. Is there anything this girl can’t do? I mean, she’s even walked for KL Fashion Week 2014! The other girls better watch out because Kea sounds like serious competition.


Contestant-Jasmine Ng

21歲172 CM菲律賓,當一個女生下定決心要當模特兒,甚至不惜延後暫停自身學業,只為當個全職模特兒。曾經和超模Samantha Harris一起走過Urban Couture時裝週和曾被《星期日泰晤士報》報導,Jasmine將目標鎖定在高規格等級的活動和工作。她的夢想和她的人一樣大器,而她的兢爭本性絕對能夠讓她在時尚界持續往更遠的目標邁進。

You know a girl’s serious about what she wants to do when she defers her studies to do modeling full-time. Having walked alongside supermodel Samantha Harris during Urban Couture Fashion Festival and being featured in The Sunday Times, Jasmine has her eye set on larger-scaled campaigns and job bookings. This model has got dreams as big as her personality, and her competitive nature is sure to take her far in this industry.


Contestant-Irish Ong


Irish may be shy but that didn’t stop her from doing her first children’s fashion show at only 8 years old. While her peers were struggling with school at 14, she started to pursue a professional modeling career against her father’s wishes. After catching her walk down the runway in one of her shows, her father eventually gave her his full support. She went on to walk for KL Fashion Week and has grown to be a confident and independent strong woman.


主持人/評審-國際名模 Lisa S.

Host/Judge-Lisa Selesner

本節目主持人是國際名模,也是帥哥影星吳彥祖的老婆Lisa S.。出身美國紐約,擁有中、法、猶太血統的她。14歲時被星探發掘出道,25歲時到香港發展。熱愛旅遊的她也曾當過旅遊節目主持人,也曾當過音樂台的VJ。曾與奧斯卡影帝亞卓安·布洛迪(Adrien Brody)有過三年情史,現在與吳彥祖共組家庭育有一女。

The host is the international model, also the Hong Kong actor, Daniel Wu’ wife, Lisa S.(Lisa Selesner) Born in New York, as the Chinese, French, and Jewish descent, she was discovered by scout when 14 and moved to Hong Kong as a model when 25.  She enjoys travels a lot, she was a host a travel show and a VJ for a music video channel.  She has a 3-year-long relationship with the Oscar-winner Adrien Brody, and now she had Daniel have a family of three with their daughter.

固定評審-女星-Ase Wang

Resdient Judge-Actress and Model-Ase Wang

在新加坡出生長大,Ase生於一個少見的中國和瑞典融合家庭。對於媒體和藝術有濃厚興趣,Ase曾走遍全球,傳達她對電影、當模特兒和電視工作的高度熱情和源源不絕的創意。現在居住在泰國曼谷,Ase在泰國演藝圈發展炙手可熱,她的美貌和才華受到泰國民眾支持,曾在泰國票選全世界最性感女人排行榜活動中,獲選第六名,人氣居高不下。除了在世界各大知名雜誌如:FHM、New Women和TV Commercials當封面女郎外,她正在拍攝第一部好萊塢電影 “Prince and Me 4”,擔任女主角Myra公主。

Born and raised in Singapore, Ase is an eclectic mix of Chinese and Swedish parentage.  With a vast passion for media and the arts, Ase finds herself on a journey across the globe expressing her fervor and creativity of film, modeling and television.  Now based in Bangkok, Thailand, Ase’s talent proves to be welcomed with open arms as she tops the Thailand poll, earning 6th place for the Top 10 sexiest women in the world. Besides her constant features as covergirl on a variety of world fashion magazines such as FHM, New Woman and TV commercials, Ase is working on her first Hollywood feature file, ‘Prince and Me 4’, playing the lead role of Princess Myra.

固定評審-模特兒和電視節目主持人-Dominic Lau

Resident Judge-Model and TV Host-Dominic Lau

父親為上海人,母親為英國人,Dominic生於香港並在香港長大,曾在英國讀過兩年寄宿學校。從小就對音樂有熱情,日後長大後真的在Channel V當VJ。除了擔任知名電視節目主持人和模特兒,Dominic也主持多項大型典禮活動,包括2009年的Channel V的泰國音樂錄影帶大獎、2008年香港搖滾音樂節、2006年酷玩樂團亞洲巡迴派對和2009年女神卡卡的巡迴演出啟航派對。

Born to a Shanghainese father and a British mother, Dominic was born and raised in Hong Kong before moving to the UK to study in a boarding school for two years. From a young age, Dominic had a flare for music, and he becomes a VJ on Channel V after grownup.  Besides his success as a Television presenter and model, Dominic has emceed in numerous live events, including the Channel V Thailand Music Video Awards 2009, Hong Kong Rocks Music Festival 2008, Coldplay's Asian Tour Launch Party 2006 and Lady Gaga's Tour Launch Party 2009.


Contestant-Alexandria Brouhard


Alex first dipped her toes into modeling when she entered a Teen Vogue prom runway show competition during her senior year at high school. To her surprise, she won and went on to do a shoot for Elle Beauty in Hong Kong and a TVC shoot in Bangkok. Having to wear a large chest brace for 6 months because of a surgery to fix her pectus excavatum, Alex has had a challenging childhood but at 26, this could be her final big break into the modeling scene.


Contestant-Francien Zauner


She started modeling for the glamour and the money, but she stuck on because the creative side of posing and conceptualizing. Not just a pretty face. Francine got the top score from all over the world for English Literautre ‘A’Levels. She is currently pursuing a diploma in counseling and writing a book on spirituality and compassion. She may not be the tallest amongst the girls, but she’s definitely not one to be overlooked.


Contestant-Gabriela Leonardo

21歲175CM日本/巴西,是Rafaella Leonardo的雙生姊妹,當然她們彼此非常親近。Gabriela個性好強,凡事希望能做到最好。在成長階段,她會打排球、籃球,在學校參加田徑和啦啦隊。其他女生小心點,Leonardo雙胞胎姊妹要來卡位。

Being the twin sister of Rafaella Leonardo, there’s no doubt these two are very close. Gabriela is competitive and she strives to be the best at everything she does. While growing up, Gabriela played volleyball, basketball and was involved in track and cheerleading while in school. The other girls better watch out, the Leonardo sisters are here to stay.