節目介紹 Introduction

Universal-《法網遊龍:英國》( Law & Order: UK),愛家執法


Crime never sleeps. The longest-running crime series in U.S. television history has come to the UK reworked to be uniquely British. With its classic half-crime drama, half-legal procedure format, join the men and woman of the London Metropolitan Murder Investigation Unit and those working as crown prosecutors as they try and bring justice to the streets of London. From crimes of passion to the murder of a renowned high-court judge and a 4-month old baby, Season 4 promises to be more exhilarating and definitely more grim.

角色介紹 Characters

檢察官Alesha Phillips

Freema Agyeman

檢察官Alesha Phillips和James Steel一同共事,是刑警和CPS間的橋樑。由母親在 Hackney的國宅扶養長大,Alesha懂得用鋼鐵般堅定的決心和努力的態度來贏得自己的工作。 她的出身背景讓她能夠以一般人的角度看事件。不像James,Alesha了解艱困的環境對人們生活的影響,而真相總是模糊不清、複雜而有時候對事情沒有任何幫助。 她的使命就是幫助中下階層,被剝奪權利,鮮少有人關注的族群發聲。即便有時可能會惹禍上身,她不害怕說出自己的心聲。聰明絕頂,滿腔熱血的她,誓言要盡己所能幫助這些族群,維護社會正義!

Crown Prosecutor Alesha Phillips works closely with James Steel, bridging the gap between the police and the CPS.  Brought up by her mother on a council estate in Hackney, Alesha has earned her position with steely determination and hard work.  Her background gives her an insight into how legal issues play out at street level. Unlike James, Alesha understands that desperate circumstances can shape people’s lives and that the truth is murky, complex and sometimes unhelpful.  Her mission is to give a voice to the disenfranchised, the people who are rarely heard. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, even when it gets her in trouble. She has a ferocious intellect, allied with enormous passion.

資深皇家檢察官James Steel

Ben Daniels


Steel’s devotion to his work is unprecedented and pursuing the truth in every case leaves little personal time. The Crown Prosecution Service wasn’t always his calling though, the birth of his son and a tough rapist case caused him to change his role from defense counsel.

督察Natalie Chandler

Harriet Walter

DI Natalie Chandler是位好老闆和好人。她掌握權力,但也忠於下屬Ronnie和Matt。身為一位得上班工作的母親,Natalie知道如何督促、掌控,並且永遠公正公平和專注。當身旁周遭都失去理智,慌亂成一團時,她能夠保持冷靜。心胸寬大,能設身處地為人著想,有同理心,但她知道為了這追求公正的刑警工作何時必須暫時拋開自己的同理心。

DI Natalie Chandler is a great boss and a good people person.  She leaves no uncertainty about who is in charge but she’s fiercely loyal to Ronnie and Matt. As a working mum, Natalie knows how to motivate and how to discipline them and is always fair and focused.  She’s able to be dispassionate when all around her are losing their heads. She has a huge heart and is extraordinarily empathetic – but she knows how and when to switch that off, for the good of the job and for the benefit of good, impartial police work.

皇家檢察官Kate Barker

Georgia Taylor

Georgia Taylor飾演本劇當中從辯護律師出身當上皇家檢察官的Kate Barker,對庭上的利益相對還很熟悉。不像一般的檢察官,她有話直說,討喜迷人,非常有自己的一套作風,照自己的作法,不遵從階層,因此往往會激怒皇家檢察官Jacob Thorne。

Georgia Taylor is defense barrister turned Crown Prosecutor Kate Barker, fresh from the more lucrative side of the courtroom. She may not look like the average prosecutor, but Kate is straight-talking, charming and likable and very used to getting her own way. She is headstrong, experienced and not a fan of hierarchies—the perfect combination to infuriate her new associate Chief Prosecutor Jacob Thorne.

資深皇家檢察官Jacob Thorne

Dominic Rowan

為檢察官Alesha Phillips的搭檔。為家中獨子,家裡開設農場,年輕時期在寄宿學校求學。其勞工階級出身讓他有著不同他人的優點和對是非道德辨別的看法。雖然常和Alesha針鋒相對,意見相左,但他了解她的能力和信任她。

Dominic Rowan as Alesha Phillips’s new partner, Senior Crown Prosecutor Jacob Thorne. Having grown up an only child on a farm and sent to boarding school at a young age, Jake’s working-class background plays a major role in his competitiveness and moralistic views of right and wrong. He butts heads at times with Alesha, but recognizes her strengths and puts his trust in her.

警探Sam Casey

Paul Nicholls

動作敏捷,對工作充滿熱忱,我行我素,充滿迷人魅力,Sam Casey是警司Ronnie的搭檔,在調查警長Matt的槍擊案後被找來加入團隊協助調查。

Quick on his feet, passionate about his work, headstrong but charming, Sam Casey stayed on as DS Ronnie Brooks’ new partner after being brought in to investigate the shooting of DS Matt Devlin.

警長Matt Devlin

Jamie Bamber


Cheeky and charming, Matt’s policing instinct is second to none.  He loves being a copper and looks up to Ronnie as both a colleague and a friend. In equal parts a force to be reckoned with and a good-looking playboy, Matt brings energy and optimism to the partnership.  Hardworking, efficient and thorough, Matt has a traditional view of the law: but he’ll also push past the rule of procedure when he feels his cause is just. He has a black and white view of the law and has no sympathy for people who commit crimes, whatever their circumstances might have been.  Inseparable now for many years, Matt and Ronnie are mischievous when they are together: each recognises the twinkle in the other’s eye and they’re known at the station as Morecambe and Wise.

警司Ronnie Brooks

Bradley Walsh


DS Ronnie Brooks is a lively and lovable copper from London’s East End.  Drawing on his decades of experience in the force, Ronnie is able to lead complex investigations with a cool head. His genuine insight into the human condition makes him a brilliant interrogator and reader of people. Ronnie’s a force for good – and everyone who has ever worked with him adores him.  A recovering alcoholic, Ronnie drank his way through two marriages and the distancing of two daughters but has found peace and meaning in his work. He is socially liberal, a man of great tolerance: but he’s also a realist about life.He loves working with Matt. Ronnie sees Matt as a bit of a surrogate son, best friend and confidante.