MOD 257


That's Impossible (S1)
2017/02/05起 週日20:00首播


Invisibility, time travel, teleportation, mind control and extended life spans - as strange as they seem, history's most impossible inventions and hard-to-believe hypotheses may soon be reality. That's Impossible uncovers the cutting-edge technologies and revolutionary studies that are making the impossible possible by examining history's most mysterious stories and then evaluating the evidence behind them. Did the United States Navy really teleport a ship, and how did a group of Buddhist monks disappear without explanation? Prominent physicists are uncovering evidence that says that time travel is not just possible, but likely; Duke University unveiled a new material that has light absorbing qualities that could be the first step to a true "invisibility cloak" straight out of Harry Potter; and scientists now say they can teleport atomic particles from one place to another, a key component toward developing the "transporters" in Star Trek.