節目介紹 Introduction

DIVA Universal-《唐頓莊園》第4季 (Downton Abbey S4) ,為愛存活


Critical darling and fan favorite British period drama, Downton Abbey, returns to television with a new season of treacherous secrets, blossoming love and heartbreaking loss. With the painful demise of several key characters both upstairs and down, how will the residents at Downton move on with their lives?  The fourth series sees the family reeling in the aftermath of terrible tragedy but with new life, in the form of babies George and Sybbie, comes new hope, as the much-loved characters take tentative steps into the Roaring Twenties.

角色介紹 Characters

Thomas Barrow

Rob James-Collier

Thomas Barrow是莊園副管家,曾任第一僕從和領班,在大戰期間曾擔任下士和代理中士。他曾經因為保姆West對他頤指氣使而懷恨在心,並且想要接近Sybbie。伯爵夫人對此起了疑心,懷疑保母,而Thomas的指證真有其事。在O'Brien離開後,Thomas和她的職位替代,Edna Briathwaite合作良好,他們還將一件Edna的錯誤嫁禍給Anna。

Thomas Barrow is underbutler at Downton Abbey having formerly worked there as both first footman and head valet as well as serving in the army as a Corporal and later Lance Sergeant.  Thomas reports on Nanny West seemingly out of spite at her presuming to give him orders and his trying to bond with Sybbie. Lady Grantham surreptitiously checks up on the Nanny and Thomas's warnings prove well founded. After O'Brien's departure, Thomas seemingly forms a new parternship with her replacement, former maid Edna Braithwaite, as they frame Anna for a mistake of Edna's. 

Elsie Hughes

Phyllis Logan

Elsie Hughes是莊園總女僕長,管理所有的女僕從,或多或少管理到整個莊園僕役事務。個性嚴肅堅忍,品行良好,不玩兩面手法。跟Carson先生和Tom一樣,Hughes太太對於Edna回來莊園感到不開心,極力想要阻止她回來。但Carson他們不能說出來自己的想法,只能密切留意觀察她。Hughes太太然而還是覺得Edna回來就像顆不定時炸彈。她的懷疑是對的,因為Edna誘惑Tom然後抹黑他說她已經懷孕,要Tom娶她。

Elsie Hughes is the head housekeeper and she is in charge of all the female servants. More or less, she runs the entire servant branch of Downton Abbey. She is very stoic, but she is ethical and never two-sided.  Mrs Hughes, like Mr Carson and Tom Branson, is unhappy about the fact that Edna Braithwaite has returned, and is certain that they cannot have her back. But Carson determines they cannot speak out and resolves they should keep an eye on her. Mrs Hughes nonetheless feels that Edna's return is "a ticking bomb." Her fears are proven right after Edna intoxicates Tom then tries to blackmail him into marrying her with lies that she might be pregnant.

Anna Bates

Joanne Froggatt

Anna跟Crawley一家關係良好,深受他們尊重,很跟小姐們相處融洽,特別是和大小姐Mary Crawley,並且幫她保守一個重大的秘密。她是除了Hughes太太和O Brien外,莊園裡地位最高的女僕之一。原先很擔心自己錯過時機,不能結婚,然而後來她嫁給了John Bates。

她個性甜美,和善,總是對人很有禮貌,在莊園上下都受人喜愛。僕從們都對她很尊敬,她也不害怕對挺身而出,對像O’ Brien等人嗆聲。在馬修死後,她試圖幫助大小姐走出傷痛,像是給她不是黑色的衣服,當Mary說自己的小孩是可憐的孤兒後,她說他其實有個媽媽。

Anna has a good relationship with the Crawley family, who respect her, and also has a good relationship with the Crawley sisters Lady Mary, Lady Edith and Lady Sybil, especially with Lady Mary Crawley; for whom she keeps a very large secret. She is one of the highest-ranking of the female servants in Downton, other than Mrs. Hughes and Miss O'Brien. She was worried that she has missed out on her chance at marriage, however she later married John Bates.

She is sweet, kind, and always respectful. Anna is popular both downstairs and upstairs; the servants have a lot of respect for her and she's not afraid of standing up to people like O'Brien. Following Matthew Crawley's death, she tries to help Mary come out of mourning by offering her clothing that is not black and remarking that Mary's son George has his mother (after Mary called him a "poor little orphan"). 

Daisy Mason

Sophie McShera

Daisy Mason是莊園的助理廚娘(之前是廚房僕役),丈夫William Mason已經過世了。她受到嚴格,但其實心軟會照顧人的廚娘Patmore太太管控照顧。

Daisy Mason is an assistant cook (formerly kitchen maid) at Downton Abbey and the widow of William Mason. She lives under the strict but caring eye of Mrs Patmore, the cook. 

Alfred Nugent

Matt Milne

Alfred是Sarah O'Brien的姪子,在1920年來到莊園,因為其母寫給O B’rien,希望能幫她兒子謀得一個職位。他擔任僕從,但不像Jimmy Kent,缺乏一種自在的自信和榮耀感。在John Bates因為坐冤獄不在期間,Thomas成為主人的隨身男僕,而Alfred就取代Thomas的位子。

Alfred Nugent was Sarah O'Brien's nephew who arrived at Downton Abbey in 1920 after Alfred's mother wrote to her sister asking her to help find Alfred a position there, which she did. He worked as a footman but lacked "a natural air of confidence and grace" that fellow footman Jimmy Kent had. Alfred replaced Thomas as footman, as Thomas had been moved up to become Valet to Lord Grantham in the absence of John Bates, who had at that time been wrongly incarcerated.

Jimmy Kent

Ed Speleers

James “Jimmy” Kent從1920年開始在莊園工作,擔任男僕。後來被伯爵拔擢成為第一男僕。在1922年,他愛上了Ivy Stuart(雖然Alfred相信,Jimmy這樣做只是為了惹他生氣)。他們共舞後在下方的鞋房接吻,之後被Alfred撞見。因為他對於Alfred追求當廚師的夢想嗤之以鼻,而其他僕從卻鼓勵他,這讓Ivy感到不悅。

James “Jimmy” Kent started working at Downton Abbey in 1920 as a footman. He was later promoted to first footman by Robert Crawley.  By 1922, it seemed Ivy Stuart had captured Jimmy's attention (though Alfred believes Jimmy is only doing it to make him angry). They danced, and were later kissing in the downstairs boot room when Alfred walked in on them. He did however upset her when he acted rudely toward Alfred about pursuing his dream as a chef, whereas everyone else downstairs was encouraging him.

Mrs. Patmore

Lesley Nicol

Beryl Patmore是莊園的廚娘,她認為她會掌管莊園事務,但Charles Carson和Elsie Hughes沒讓她這樣做。她永遠對她的廚房僕役Daisy Mason下命令。她對於Daisy開始使用的新的廚房器具感到懷疑擔憂,但還是處處護著她。當情人節來時,她寄給Daisy一張匿名的卡片。Daisy原本以為是Alfred寄的,但當真相曝光後,她很感謝雖然她沒有追求者,但她有像Patmore太太這樣的朋友。

Beryl Patmore is the cook at Downton Abbey and she believes that she runs the house, although Charles Carson and Elsie Hughes beg to differ. She is forever ordering about Daisy Mason, her kitchen maid.  Mrs Patmore is suspicous of the new cooking equipment Daisy starts using, but clearly still cares for her. When Valentine's Day comes along, she sends her an anonymous one so Daisy had one. Daisy at first thinks Alfred sent it, but after the truth comes out, Daisy is grateful she has a friend in Mrs Patmore even if she has no admirer.

John Bates

Brendan Coyle

John Bates開始懷疑起Edna Braithwaite(Anna因為某事而遭到責罵,但其實是Edna的錯),另外也拜訪了男僕Green(因為他調戲他妻子Anna)。在一次欣賞了女高音內莉·梅爾巴的演出後,他性侵了Anna。這讓Anna感到自身受到玷汙,對不起自己的丈夫。開始和John保持距離,騙他說是因為彼此一起工作時間太久了,甚至還從同住的屋子搬回莊園內。

John Bates becomes suspicous of Edna Braithwaite (because Anna was blamed for something that was really Edna's fault) and visiting valet Green (because Green is flirting with his wife).   After Green rapes Anna during the performance of Nellie Melba, Anna feels soiled and unworthy of her husband. She begins pushing him away, lying that it has been from working too long together which is why she's keeping her distance from him. She even moves back into Downton away from the cottage.

Charles Carson

Jim Carter


He is nostalgic for the past and has a close relationship with Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham as well as Elsie Hughes. He also loves Lady Mary Crawley almost as a surrogate daughter.   When Lord Grantham insists on keeping Mary sheltered following her husband's death, Tom goes to Carson as he feels he does not know who else to turn to. He insists they need to help bring Mary back to the world. Out of love for Mary, Carson tells her she is letting herself be defeated. She is angry at him for doing this, but later breaks down and cries in his arms.

Tom Branson

Allen Leech

Tom Branson為現任莊園的財產管理者,為愛爾蘭共和黨員,因為和三小姐Sybil結婚而成為家族的一分子。三小姐過世後,他成為鰥夫,撫養獨生女Sybil。在Matthew死後,了解Mary沉浸在悲傷中,他想要幫助Mary走出來。他和Cora認為如果Mary能開始參與莊園事務,並當George的監護人,情況就會好轉,並且讓Matthew的遺願能夠實現。然而Mary什麼也聽不進去,於是Tom轉向找Carson總管希望他能和Mary談談,但結果還是一樣。在和伯爵巡視莊園時,他表示希望伯爵能夠停止保護Mary,是時候該讓她面對外在世界,處理自身傷痛,開始參與管理莊園。但伯爵不贊同,認為Mary失去了此生摯愛,而Tom說這樣的椎心之痛他能感同身受。

Tom Branson is the current estate manager for Downton Abbey. He is an Irish Republican and a member of the Branson family as well a Crawley family's member in law.  Tom is the widower of Lady Sybil. Sybil Branson is his daughter and only child.  Since Matthew's death, understanding her grief as a widow, he attempts to help Mary come to terms with her loss. He and Cora think it would be a good thing if she was to become involved in the running of the estate as George's guardian, and to help stop Matthew's plans from being completely forgotten.  Unfortunately, Mary doesn't want to hear what he has to say, so he turns to Mr Carson to help talk some sense into her, which also fails. While walking around the estate with Robert, he tries to persuade him to stop trying to protect Mary from the outside world and help her to deal with her grief and move on so she could play a part in the running of Downton, which causes a disagreement. Robert reminds him that she has just lost the love of her life to which Tom reminds him he knows how that feels.


Hugh Bonneville

Robert一直過著單純的生活。他1889年迎娶了來自美國的女繼承人Cora,雖然娶她很大程度是想用她的錢幫助唐頓莊園渡過財政危機,但隨著時間的推移,兩人的感情也日益加深。他們的婚姻合約上寫明,女方的財富一旦投資在家產上從此便密不可分。Robert和他的妻子都沒有預料到這個條款今後會引發問題,因為他們都自信的以為必有子嗣,而如今他們卻只有三個女兒,Mary、Edith和Sybil(已故)。而Sybil Branson和George Crawley是他的孫子。本季他必須面對莊園營運的混亂局面,特別是大女兒Mary走出傷痛後,開始對這方面投入較多的心力。不像他的母親,女婿和僕從們,他給她依靠而不是推她擺脫傷痛。當Matthew遺留的遺囑曝光後,希望Mary成為他的繼承人後,Robert試圖反抗違背,但失敗了。

The Earl of Grantham has lived an uncomplicated life until now. He married his wife, Cora, an American heiress, in 1889, largely for her money and although there is no denying her cash put the estate back on its feet, over time they have grown to love one another deeply. Although without an heir to the estate he worries about his daughters uncertain future.  He is the husband of Cora Crawley née Levinson, Countess of Grantham, He and his wife have three daughters: Lady Mary Crawley, Lady Edith Crawley, and the late Lady Sybil Branson née Crawley. His son-in-laws are Tom Branson and the late Matthew Crawley. Sybil Branson and George Crawley are his grandchildren.  Robert continues to clash over the running of the estate, especially when Mary comes out of mourning and begins to take on a larger interest and role in that respect. He actually tries to keep her sheltered rather than bring her out of mourning, unlike his mother, son-in-law, and butler. When a letter Matthew wrote intending to write a will naming Mary as his heiress is revealed, Robert tries to fight the possibilty that it could stand as a will on its own, but loses. 


Elizabeth McGovern

Cora是美國辛辛那提紡織品百萬富翁之女。她與母親來到了英格蘭,在1888年自己20歲的時候與Grantham子爵Robert訂婚。在公公的堅持下,她接受了那個婚姻條款,以為她一定會誕下男嗣。沒想到她只能指望大女兒Mary和爵位繼承人締結秦晉之好,方能保住家業。她為Tom Branson和已故的Matthew的岳母,Sybbie Branson和George Crawley是她的孫子。原本她人生的目標是享樂,在她最小的女兒過世後,她的人生觀已經轉變。

Cora is the beautiful daughter of a dry goods multi-millionaire. She arrived in England, at the age of 20, and was engaged to Robert by the end of her first season.  At the insistence of her father-in-law she accepted a clause tying her money to the estate, assuming she would have a boy who would become heir. Now, she feels that her money is going to a complete stranger.  She is the mother-in-law of Tom Branson and the late Matthew Crawley. Sybbie Branson and George Crawley are her grandchildren.  Cora's goal in life is to "have fun" after the intense grieving she went through after having lost her youngest daughter, Sybil.



Maggie Smith


Robert’s mother is immensely proud and loyal to her son and insufferable to her daughter-in-law. She was born the daughter of a baronet but had virtually no money.  Violet seeks to bring her granddaughter Mary out of mourning following Matthew's death by insisting she take a more active role in running the estate, insisting Tom be her instructor. She also puts Robert in his place when he tries to fight the fact that Mary owns half the estate per Matthew's wishes as well as her attempts to take a more active role in running the estate.

大小姐Lady Mary Crawley

Michelle Dockery

Mary是伯爵的大女兒,聰明、美麗,但為人冷漠,喜形不於色。她育有一子George,丈夫是已故的Matthew Crawley。在丈夫過世後六個月,Mary依舊無法面對她的傷痛。她無法照顧自己的小孩,寧願丟給保姆。衣服只穿黑色,拒絕任何選擇,有次走下樓梯,回想起當初在此和Matthew親吻纏綿的畫面而不能自已。雖然其他的家人包括喪妻的Tom Branson和Carson先生都想幫助她走出來,但她選擇忽略逃避。

Lady Mary Josephine Crawley (born 1891) is the eldest daughter and child of Robert and Cora Crawley. She has one child, a son, George, by her late husband and fourth cousin, Matthew Crawley.  Six months after the death of Matthew, Mary is still struggling to come to terms with her loss. She doesn't appear to have a close relationship with her son George, who she prefers to leave in the care of the nannies. She refuses to wear anything other than black when Anna suggests a lilac outfit and when walking down the stairs, she stops when she sees and remembers the place where she and Matthew once kissed. Although many of her family members, including the also widowed Tom Branson and Mr Carson, attempt to help Mary move on, she ignores and dismisses them. 

二小姐Lady Edith Crawley

Laura Carmichael


Edith is the second daughter of Robert and Cora Crawley. In the six months which followed the trip to Scotland, Michael and Edith had grown closer. On Valentine's day, he sent Edith a card and invited her attend a party in London with him in order so he could introduce her to his literacy friends. At the party, Edith and Michael during a moment together, almost kiss before another guest interrupted them.

Lady Rosamund Painswick

Samantha Bond

Lady Rosamund是位非常有錢的銀行家Marmaduke Painswick的遺孀,也是已故的第四任莊園伯爵和老伯爵夫人Violet Crawley的女兒。她在家族裡唯一要好親密的人是她的弟弟Robert。她獨自一人住在倫敦的伊頓豪宅35號,閒來無事最愛插手管家務事。

Lady Rosamund is the widow of a very wealthy banker, the late Marmaduke Painswick and the daughter of the late 4th Earl of Grantham and Violet Crawley; her closest ally within the family is her only sibling Robert.  She lives in London by herself on 35 Eaton Square. She likes to meddle in family affairs.

Matthew母親Isobel Crawley

Penelope Wilton

Isobel是已故的Reginald Crawley醫師的遺孀,是已故的獨子Matthew的母親,大小姐Mary的婆婆,George的奶奶。就像她媳婦一樣,一直沉浸在Matthew過世的悲傷裡。有次當她和Mary, Tom談及他們失去最愛的人的時候,她表示自己是多麼幸運如此被深愛。之後她開始和Mary一樣,繼續堅強過日子,花時間和孫子相處。她說George可以叫她奶奶,這樣Cora就是阿嬤。當Violet兒子到美國看親家時,支氣管感染生病,她對她悉心照顧,雙方關係好轉,一起玩紙牌遊戲。她和Tom的關係也變得緊密,當Tom考慮從政,想要離開莊園時,她鼓勵Tom留下來照顧家裡。

Isobel Crawley is the widow of medical doctor Reginald Crawley, mother of her only son the late Matthew Crawley, the mother-in-law of Lady Mary Crawley, and grandmother of George Crawley.  Isobel, like her daughter-in-law, is deeply in mourning for Matthew's death. At one point when she, Mary, and Tom talk about their deep loves for their lost spouses, Isobel remarks how lucky they were to have loved so much. Like Mary, she begins to move on and spends time with her grandson. She says George can call her Grandmama, so Cora can be Granny.  When Violet falls ill with bronchitis after her son travels to America to see his in-laws, Isobel diligently nurses her, and later they play cards together. She also grows closer to Tom, encouraging him to stay when he considers leaving Downton, and to rekindle his interest in politics.