MOD 264

大人小孩廚藝大對決 第2季

Man vs Child: Chef Showdown (S2)
2016/10/20起 每週四21:00首播


In “Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown,” a team of child cooking prodigies will challenge a prolific executive-level chef in the kitchen, where they will defend their culinary abilities. This time around, season one regulars – Cloyce (14), Emmalee (13), Estie (8) and Holden (15) will be joined by newcomers Isiah (10), Olivia (11) and Zion (10). After defeating multiple executive chefs in season 1, the kids’ confidence levels are way up. But this season, the competition is fiercer and no one is holding back – especially the professionals. The tables have turned and the chefs have learned that no child, no matter how small, should be underestimated.