MOD 259

急診室百態 第2季

Kings Cross ER (S2)
位於悉尼商業中心的英皇十字區醫院是世界上最繁忙、最獨特、最著名的醫院,而我們將深入其核心急診室,親眼見證人性的最好和最壞在此交錯 - 這是一扇通往醫學世界的窗,引人入勝,充滿挑戰,積極向上。
Kings Cross ER is a real-life drama from the heart of one of the busiest, best and most unique hospitals in the world, situated in the middle of Sydney's CBD and the entertainment underbelly, Kings Cross. The world-famous hospital is a crossroads of humanity at its best and worst - a window into a world of medicine that is fascinating, harrowing and uplifting.