節目介紹 Introduction

精神疾病圖像:《犯罪心理》重返螢幕,勢必讓九月成為犯罪影迷的最愛。本劇深入探討罪犯心理,行為分析小組(BAU)必須爭取時間,在悲劇再次發生前,拼湊出罪犯的面貌。接續第五季驚心動魄的結尾,團隊成員繼續找尋「黑暗王子」(由Tim Curry 擔綱演出), 試圖停止他的殺人計畫。本季還有MO怪客的出現(兇手將切下受害者的唇)與更多激烈的動作場面,請屏息以待。


Picture of psychosis: September’s looking to be a good month for crime fans with the return of Criminal Minds, a series that delves deep into the psyche of criminals as the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) race against time to paint a picture of the perpetrator before he strikes again. Picking up from the cliffhanger ending of Season 5, the BAU continues their search for the “Prince of Darkness” (guest star Tim Curry) and stop his killing spree once and for all. You will be gripped by this new season, with stranger MOs than ever (a killer who slices off his victims’ lips) and even more high-octane action!

角色介紹 Characters

FBI BAU Supervisory Special Agent/ David Rossi

Joe Mantegna

Rossi特警原是行為分析組的成員,過去提早退休計畫寫書並參加巡迴座談,並在2007年自願返回該單位,並且一回來未完的棘手案件就一一浮出檯面。飾演的演員Joe Mantegna,以David Mamet的普利茲獎得獎劇作《Glengarry Glen Ross》中的Richard Roma一角,贏得東尼獎。另外,在他的百老匯演出經歷還包含:Mamet的《Speed-the-Plow》劇中的Bobby Gould一角、還有音樂劇《Working》的處女秀。 Mantegna還構思並合撰百老匯舞台劇《Bleacher Bums》,並隨後將其改編為電視劇,為他贏得了一座艾美獎。他的電視作品包括迷你影集《傲骨賢妻》和電視電影《The Rat Pack》並為此獲得艾美獎提名,其他作品包含《State of Emergency》、《A Call to Remember》、《My Little Assassin》、《The Water Engine》、《Boy Meets Girl》、《Jerry and Tom》以及一系列Robert Parker’s Spencer小說改編的電影《Small Vices》、《Thin Air》和《Walking Shadow》。

Rossi, a "founding father" of the BAU, was in early retirement until his voluntary return to the BAU in 2007. He had retired in order to write books and go on lecture tours, but returned to settle some unfinished business which was revealed shortly after his return.

FBI BAU Supervisory Special Agent/ Emily Prentiss

Paget Brewster

Emily Prentiss是外交官的女兒,最近剛加入團隊,外界謠傳她靠關係進來,必須向Hotchner證明自己存在的價值。然而,FBI主任Erin Strauss是希望藉由她來削弱Hotchner的勢力,然而她不願這麼做,打算辭職。她自己承認是個性格古怪,會說多國語言。飾演Emily Prentiss的演員Paget Brewster也曾演出電視影集《Huff》,其他作品還包含:電視電影《Paget Brewster》、影集《Andy Richter Controls the Universe The Trouble with Normal, Love & Money》、以及客串演出《Two and a Half Men》、《Stacked and Friends.》。她也為《American Dad》、《Harvey Birdman》、《Attorney at Law》等卡通影片配音。

Daughter of an ambassador, Prentiss showed up with papers stating she was the newest member of the BAU. It was implied initially that she pulled some strings through family ties to get her placement on the team. However, it is later revealed that FBI Section Chief Director Erin Strauss placed her there to undermine Hotchner. She refused to do so, and decides to resign instead. She is a self-professed nerd and is also well spoken in some foreign languages.

FBI Technical Analyst/ Penelope Garcia

Kristen Vangsness

Penelope Garcia是一名電腦奇才,協助團隊進行案例研究。早年失去雙親,曾以當電腦駭客維生。Garcia曾侵入FBI系統而引起他們注意,沒得選擇加入團隊來避免刑責。她是Jareau兒子Henry的教母。劇中該角色由Kirsten Vangsness所飾演,身為舞台劇專業演員的她目前活躍於洛杉磯各個劇場中。她的專業演出已獲得不少獎項肯定:15 Minutes of Fem 最佳女演員、洛杉磯劇評人最佳新興喜劇女演員獎以及令人垂涎的黃金貝蒂獎。

Garcia is the team’s computer technician at BAU Headquarters in Quantico. She lost both her parents at a young age and then lived off the grid as a computer hacker. Garcia brought the attention of the FBI upon herself after illegally accessing some of their equipment. She had little choice but to join the ranks of the bureau to avoid a jail sentence. She is godmother to Jareau’s son, Henry.

FBI BAU Supervisory Special Agent---Jennifer "JJ" Jareau

AJ Cook

Jennifer "J.J." Jareau,是一名自信的年輕女孩,在團隊中負責聯繫溝通的工作。她和一位新紐奧良的員警William LaMontagne交往,共同撫養一位孩子Henry。

Jareau acts as the team's liaison with the media and local police agencies. She is dating William LaMontagne, a New Orleans Police Officer. The two have a son together, Henry.

FBI BAU Supervisory Special Agent/ Dr. Spencer Reid

Matthew Gray Gubler

Spencer Reid,典型的天才,12歲就從拉斯維加斯公立高中畢業,常被人稱做Rein博士。雖擁有高智商但卻是社交生活白痴。擁有數學、化學和程式設計的博士學位,心理學和社會學的學士學位,目前正在攻讀哲學。飾演該角色的Matthew Gray Gubler於2002年從紐約大學Tisch藝術學院畢業,他是一位傑出電影短片導演,曾執導《The Cactus That Looked Just Like a Man》、《Claude: A Symphony of Horror》和《Tippi’s Picnic》等片。在Youtube上,他更成立以他自己為主題的節目頻道《Matthew Gray Gubler: The Unauthorized Documentary》。

Dr. Reid is a genius who graduated from a Las Vegas public high school at age 12. He is almost always introduced as Dr. Reid.It has been revealed that he holds Doctorates in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Engineering, BAs in Psychology and Sociology, and is working on a BA in Philosophy.

BI BAU Supervisory Special Agent/Temporary Unit Chief Derek Morgan

Shemar Moore

Derek Morgan特警是一名研究強迫性犯罪心理的專家,充滿自信,急躁武斷。靠美式足球獎學金進入西北大學就讀,柔道黑帶,教授FBI自我防衛課程,曾經待過拆彈小組和芝加哥警局。Shemar Moore在本劇飾演Derek Morgan一角,他最廣為人知的演出為哥倫比亞廣播公司《The Young and the Restless》劇中角色Malcolm Winters,並獲得日間艾美獎戲劇類傑出男配角獎肯定。他也被曾在1996年和1997年獲日間艾美獎戲劇類傑出年輕男主角、1999年日間艾美獎戲劇類傑出男主角等獎項提名。他已經贏得了6個全國有色人種協進會獎項。

Morgan is a confident, assertive, and often hot-tempered character. He went to Northwestern University on a football scholarship, holds a black belt in Judo, runs FBI self-defense classes, and served in a bomb squad unit and as a Chicago police officer.

FBI BAU Supervisory Special Agent/Unit Chief Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner

Thomas Gibson

Aaron Hotchner特警是一個以家為重、容易贏得他人信任且打開心房的人,之前待過FBI西雅圖分部。他一直希望家庭和工作能夠取得平衡是本劇的故事主軸之一。飾演該角色的Thomas Gibson 最為人熟知的作品是《Dharma & Greg》,其他的演出經歷包括:哥倫比亞廣播公司影集《Chicago Hope》、電影《Raising Waylon》、《The Inheritance 》和《Brush with Fate》、以及全美電視網《Tales of the City》、《More Tales of the City》、《Evil Never Dies》、《A Will of Their Own 》和《The Lost Empire》;迷你影集《Category 6: Day of Destruction》和《 The Kennedys of Massachusetts》。

Hotchner used to be a prosecutor, and was formerly assigned to the FBI Field Office in Seattle. His attempts to balance his family life and his job successfully had been an ongoing theme on the show.