節目介紹 Introduction


Mike Ross(Patrick J. Adams飾)或許是全紐約最有法律天賦的人之一,然而他卻從來沒有唸過法學院。在人生的交叉路口,Mike現身一次工作面試,面對全紐約最厲害的結案高手Harvey Specter(Gabriel Macht飾,曾演出Love and Other Drug)。對他而言,要拿到這份工作雖然輕而易舉,但要保住飯碗可就不是件簡單的事。顯而易見的,在法律世界中Mike還有許多需要學習的地方,然而他的上司Harvey可沒有多餘時間照料他這個新手,於是便把他交給公司的法律助理Rachel(Meghan Markle飾),協助他遠離麻煩,更要遠離Harvey的宿敵Louis(Rick Hoffman飾)。究竟Mike能否吃苦耐勞並證明自己存在的價值,還是他會放棄,選擇回到從前不堪的生活?


Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) may be the most brilliant legal mind in New York, but he hasn’t even been to law school. In a split second moment, Mike finds himself in a job interview with New York City’s best closer Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht, Love and Other Drugs). Recognising his raw talent and photographic memory, Harvey takes a gamble and hires Mike. Getting the job might have been easy but maintaining it won’t be. Mike has a lot to learn about the law and Harvey isn’t prepared to be a babysitter, so he will rely on the firm’s paralegal Rachel (Meghan Markle) to keep him out of trouble and out of the way of Harvey’s arch nemesis Louis (Rick Hoffman). Will Mike take the reins and prove something of himself, or give up and return to his drop-kick life?

角色介紹 Characters

Rachel Zane

Meghan Markle

Rachel Zane並非一名尋常的律師助理。她也許對測驗、考試不在行,但是她對Pearson Harden可說是瞭若指掌。在紐約法律界弱肉強食的叢林之中,她就像是Mike的指南針,運用她過人的研究以及調查能力幫助Mike應付Harvey交代的案件。至於她的美貌則是另一項讓人無法忽視的優點。

Rachel Zane is not your ordinary paralegal. She may not be skilled at taking tests, but she knows Pearson Harden inside and out. She'll be Mike's guide through the jungle of New York City law. Her research skills are a key asset for Mike as he navigates his way through the tough cases Harvey hands him. It doesn't hurt that she's also beautiful.

Louis Litt

Rick Hoffman

Harvey Specter最難纏的對手可能就在咫尺。Louis Litt是一名充滿才幹、為人卻尖酸刻薄的律師,他總是對Mike Ross施壓好讓他代替自己做份內的工作。他生性渴望權力,因此當他發現Harvey比自己早一步被升為資深合夥人時大為光火。他時常將怒火發洩在Mike或是阻擋前方去路的任何人身上。

Harvey Specter's toughest opponent in law may be just down the hall. Louis Litt is a talented, yet bitter lawyer. He makes Mike Ross feel right at home by putting the pressure on him to pull his weight. Power hungry, Louis isn't happy to hear that Harvey is receiving a promotion to senior partner over him. Louis will take out his wrath on Mike Ross or any other person who gets in his way.


Jessica Pearson

Gina Torres

Jessica Pearson可能是最令你畏懼的對手或是最令你頭痛的盟友。由於她個性柔弱心軟,所以她的名字沒有登上Pearson Harden公司的行列。身為Harvey Specter的上司,Jessica不斷給予他挑戰,測試他的道德觀以及策略邏輯。然而Jessica不僅僅是一名上司,她會在任何人最需要協助的時候扮演良師益友,對他伸出援手並給予支持。

Jessica Pearson can be your best enemy or your worst friend. Her name didn't get on the firm Pearson Harden because she's soft. As Harvey Specter's boss, Jessica will constantly take him to task over his ethics and tactics. But Jessica is more than Harvey's boss. She's someone who will stand next to him when he needs her most.

Mike Ross

Patrick J. Adams

紐約市最優秀傑出的律師其實連法學學位都沒有。Mike Ross原本靠著販毒以及幫助法學院學生作弊維生,而後卻躋身紐約市最有名望的公司。誤打誤撞闖進了面試,Mike憑著過人的機智以及過目不忘的記憶力,在Harvey Specter心中留下了深刻的印象。如今Mike雖然順利獲得這份工作並成為Harvey的夥伴,然而要能在這競爭劇烈的律政世界中生存,只靠青年才俊是不夠的,他必須份外努力並虛心向Harvey學習。面對祖母堆積如山的醫療帳單以及不堪回首的過去,Mike必須在首次重要案件就展現自己的能力。而為了獲得Harvey的認同,他更必須展現天賦、魅力與對世態的精明幹練,才能通過每一次的考驗。

The most brilliant lawyer in New York City doesn't even have a degree. Mike Ross has gone from drug dealing and helping law students cheat on the bar to one of the most prestigious firms in New York City. Mike made the leap by impressing Harvey with his quick wit and photographic memory when he literally stumbled into the interview. But now that Mike has actually joined the firm as Harvey's associate, he's going to need more than his wunderkind ability to survive in high-profile law's cutthroat world. He'll also need Harvey's wisdom and guidance.  With a grandmother whose medical bills are piling up and a past that is still hounding him, Mike must prove his worth at the new firm with his first big case. And to win Harvey's approval, he'll need to put his genius, charisma and street smarts to the test.

Harvey Specter

Gabriel Macht

如果有人想知道如何成為紐約最頂尖的結案高手,答案無疑就是打破遊戲規則!從來不遵守既定規範,Harvey Specter靠獨特的手段在業界闖出名號。無論是搭訕雞尾酒女服務生、從目擊證人下手甚至是恐嚇企業CEO,Harvey敢言直率的風格使他成為一名實力堅強且聰明機智的律師。對Harvey而言,錄用Mike Ross是他前所未有最正確的決定。也許世人認為Harvey早忘了選擇法律事業的初衷,然而對他而言,看著Mike為慈善機構和窮人提供免費專業服務,讓他再次體會司法正義的甜美滋味。

How do you become New York City's best closer? You don't play by the rules.  Harvey Specter has built a career and reputation by breaking the rules. Whether it's picking up cocktail waitresses, inspiring witnesses or bullying CEOs, Harvey's shoot-from-the-hip style has made him an effective lawyer and a slick character.  But has Harvey forgotten why he got into law? Hiring Mike Ross as his associate might have been his best decision yet. With Mike taking on the low-profile pro bono cases, Harvey will rediscover what makes justice so sweet.