節目介紹 Introduction

Rookie Blue - Season 4 Sneak Peak 2 (HD)

返家憂鬱: 當Andrea “Andy” McNally 從第十五分隊畢業後, 很快就意識到真正的訓練是畢業後才開始展開。這連續四季的警察影集熱潮征服席捲了加拿大的觀眾,不同的課題不斷湧入,他們不得鬆懈,壓力越來越大了。 Andy 和Nick完成臥底任務, 才赫然發現所有的人,不管於公於私都有了巨大的改變。 靜觀他們除了身為警察,最高指導原則─盡忠職守,維護正義外,將如何面對處置第十五分隊裡醞釀的愛情與舊傷口,這全新一季,觀眾一定不想錯過任何一集。

Homecoming blues: When Andrea “Andy” McNally graduates from 15 Division, it doesn’t take long for her to learn that her training has only just began. Four seasons on in the police drama series that has taken Canada by storm, the lessons keep on coming and they don’t get any easier. When Andy and Nick return from their undercover mission, they are surprised to find that everyone has moved on, both professionally and personally. Watch out for brewing romances and old wounds that the team at 15 Division has to deal with, on top of upholding their duty to serve and protect – it’s a brand new season you don’t want to miss.

角色介紹 Characters

Andy McNally

Missy Peregrym

上一季Andy McNally已不是隊上話題女孩,心碎的她賭上自身生涯,接受挑戰。在六個月和Nick Collins的密集臥底任務過後,她準備好再次回到隊上。然而她很快了解到人生是不會有暫停鍵的─六個月後人事已非,尤其是她的摯愛Sam Swarek。

Last season, Andy McNally walked away from her life as “that girl” – that heartbroken girl who puts her career after her personal life – to take on the biggest opportunity of her career. After six months on an intense undercover mission with Nick Collins, she’s ready to come back home. But she quickly realizes that life doesn’t have a pause button; six months is a long time to leave everything behind – especially Sam Swarek.

Dov Epstein

Gregory Smith


 We return this season to find a more mature Officer Epstein refocused on the job at hand. With his best friend and wingman threatening to transfer out of 15 Division, work is the only reliable thing he’s got. Committing himself to a vow of celibacy, Epstein’s putting girls, and all the drama that they cause, behind him. That is, of course, until a cute and quirky girl sends his heart aflutter and forces him to shelve the tough-guy routine. Ultimately, Dov must decide whether love is worth the distraction, and if success as a cop means anything when you don’t have anyone to share it with.

Sam Swarek

Ben Bass


Last season, Swarek finally professed his love for the woman he’d been keeping emotionally distant for three years, only to end up heartbroken and alone.  Now, months later, Swarek has picked up the pieces and moved on. He’s been promoted to Detective, and is seemingly more emotionally in check than ever. But, despite appearances, Sam can’t quite shake his feelings from the past. His new desire for simplicity is challenged by the return of Andy McNally to 15 Division.  And now the only question is  – will he let their past complicate his new life?

Chris Diaz

Travis Milne

上一季Chris Diaz人生出了大驚喜,他成為一位兩歲的基督徒小孩的爸爸。現在衝擊已經過去了,他確切體悟到何謂無條件的愛。但他和Denise之間是否也能有相同的感受呢…。Chris必須認真考慮他和Denise間的關係,即便這表示他必須要拋下他在第15分局的一切。如今身為人父,他看待工作,巡查城市和處理案件都有了不同以往的角度,他不計代價希望去做他認為是對的事。然而本季他逐漸了解這世上「對的事」不是黑白分明那麼簡單判斷。

Chris Diaz got the surprise of a lifetime last year when he became an instant father to 2 year-old Christian. Now that the shock has worn off, he’s learning what unconditional love really means. If only those feelings came as easily between him and Denise…  Chris must figure out how to give his relationship with Denise a real shot – even if that means leaving behind his life at 15 Division. He is seeing the city - and the crime that comes along with it - with new eyes; he’s a father now, and he’s trying desperately to do what’s right. But this season, Chris is going to find that the ‘right thing’ isn’t always black and white.

Gail Peck

Charlotte Sullivan


Behind the tough exterior, Gail Peck is still dealing with her traumatic abduction and the events of last season. On top of that, her boyfriend Nick left on a UC mission for six months, without even saying goodbye.  Now, Gail is sick of the games and wants everything with Nick out on the table. Faced with the news that Nick may have fallen for someone else, she deals with it the only way she knows how – by taking control. This season Gail is going to have to face her demons head on to stand a chance at real, genuine happiness – will she be able to, or will her emotional armor prove too thick?

Traci Nash

Enuka Okuma

對Traci而言,上一季充滿了高潮和巨大的失落。成為第15分局的警探終於成真,但這喜悅很快被未婚夫Jerry Barber過世而掩埋。六個月過去,Traci靠著只有警察能做的事─清醒的每分每秒致力打擊犯罪,捉拿嫌犯來忘卻自身傷痛。但在完全燃燒殆盡前,她能多久一直保持著這瘋狂賣命工作的狀態呢?最終靠著一位出人意表的新友人的支持與鼓勵,Traci才能面對整理自身的情緒和重新挑戰外在世界的難題。

For Traci, last year was full of big highs and even bigger lows. Her dream of becoming a Detective at 15 Division was finally realized, but was then quickly overshadowed by the tragic death of her fiancé, Detective Jerry Barber.  Six months later, Traci’s compensating for the painful loss as only a cop can – by dedicating every waking moment to taking down bad guys. But how long can she keep up the frantic pace before burning out completely? Ultimately, it’s only through the support and encouragement of a new and unexpected friend that Traci’s able to face her emotions and begin the difficult process of re-entering the world.

Marlo Cruz

Rachael Ancheril


New Senior Officer Marlo Cruz found no trouble making her new home at 15 Division.  Ex-Swat, with nine years’ experience on the job, Marlo is no rookie. She’s smart, witty, and private, with an uncomplicated view towards life and relationships.  Marlo’s been at 15 for three months when Nick and Andy return – bringing loads of unwanted drama with them. She and Andy butt heads at first, having different approaches to the job and to life in general. But Marlo isn’t as straightforward as she seems - she’s got a secret and when the last person she’d ever tell finds out, it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out with devastating consequences.

Chloe Price

Priscilla Faia

第15分局最新的菜鳥,是個怪咖,有點瘋、有點怪,但她有特權,因為她正好是上士Frank Best的孫女。她到局上風波不止如此,她剛加入就發現和分局裡的某位仁兄曾有過一段情。本季Chloe發現自己因為這些事情導致她無法感到自在,手腳無法施展。但她依舊努力,希望贏得同事們的尊敬和好印象,但即便她運用她的魅力和折衷手段,這比她想像得困難許多。

15 Division’s newest rookie Chloe Price is a wildcard – a little crazy, a little quirky – but she gets away with it because she also happens to be Staff Sergeant Frank Best’s goddaughter.  To further complicate her arrival, she already has romantic history with one of the officers at 15 Division when she walks in the door. Chloe will find it difficult to navigate her way through the season with these weights holding her back. But she’s out to impress and earn the respect of her fellow officers this season, which will prove much harder than she first anticipated, even with her charming, eclectic ways.