節目介紹 Introduction

Universal 頻道, MOD 75台 2013年2月21日起,週四晚間10點,兩集連播



Universal Channel, MOD75 Premiere: Feb. 21st. 2013, Every Thursday 10 pm, two episodes back to back

The fourth season begins where the heart stopping third season left off: with a team member brutally shot and a psychological evaluation exposing all their most sensitive secrets and vulnerabilities. The team is now on probation, their every move under the microscope looking for signs that they should be split up.

角色介紹 Characters

Sam Braddock

David Paetkau

Sam 將軍隊的任務交給了JTF 2(Joint Task Force 2,加拿大菁英反恐部隊)後而加入了SRU(戰略反應小隊)。他自從加入隊伍之後成長了許多,改掉了驕傲自負以及凡事應得的優越感,現在的他已趨成熟,更證明自己是團隊中恪守紀律且不可或缺的成員。

Sam left military service overseas with the JTF 2 (Joint Task Force 2, Canada’s elite Special Operations counter-terrorism force) to join the SRU. He’s come a long way since his arrival on the team - his cocky confidence and sense of entitlement have matured, and Sam proves himself a disciplined and crucially valuable member of the team.


While as sure a shot as ever, Sam fights hard to earn back his self confidence in negotiating, which was shaken last season when he wasn’t able to save a troubled ex-soldier with whom he had bonded. Sam endures his toughest challenges yet and comes through with flying colours, talking down a young bomber on a misguided mission, and bringing an incident with a delusional gunman in a restaurant to a peaceful close. He keeps a watchful distance as Jules finds herself drawn to Steve…

Julianna 'Jules' Callaghan

Amy Jo Johnson

Jules 是一名卓越的神槍手,曾擔任加拿大皇家騎警隊的她選擇加入這個充滿男性賀爾蒙的環境之中。她具有一種天真不做作、來自小鎮牧場姑娘的自信,總是會直視對方的臉,為人老實並期望對方以實相待。而正是這種直率坦白的個性,加上與生俱來的直覺以及同理心,使她成為Parker的得力助手,時常擔任犯罪學者以及談判專家的角色。

Jules is an exceptional markswoman, ex-RCMP who holds her own in the testosterone-pumped team environment. She has a natural, small-town, prairie-girl confidence that looks you in the face, tells it like it is and expects the truth back. It’s this grounded, upfront quality – in addition to her natural gift of human intuition and empathy – that also make her a strong right hand for Parker as a profiler and negotiator.


In Season Three, under Parker’s wing, Jules’s skills have been flourishing – to a point 9 where she’s earned the right to challenge her mentor’s judgment. Jules also runs into Steve, an old high school friend now working as a paramedic. Sparks fly and it feels like it was meant to be… though as Jules begins to think forward to a family of her own, she can’t leave behind the unresolved feelings she has for Sam…

Sgt. Gregory Parker

Enrico Colantoni


Parker is serious, sharp-minded and a talented people-reader. He knows how to reach out, how to talk to people at their level – whether it’s a schizophrenic off his meds, a hardened gang member or a troubled youth about to make a big mistake. But his uncanny people-reading skills were not enough to save his own family… Ten years ago, Parker’s unconditional passion for his work burned out his relationship with his wife, and he turned to heavy drinking and aggression that he couldn’t control. When she left, she took their young son Dean with her, and Parker hit rock bottom. The empathy, gentleness, insight and sobriety he embodies today are a testament to the extraordinary effort he put into recovery. He believes the best of people, because he’s living proof people can change.


This season, Parker is given a second chance when, after no contact for ten years, his son Dean shows up unexpectedly at the station… and is finally able to witness first-hand the man his father has become.

Ed Lane

Hugh Dillon

Ed(Hugh Dillon飾)是第一分隊中的領導人物。他為人直率、堅定以及充滿魅力。對他而言,充滿危險的任務就是他存在的目的,面對任何策略挑戰時,他都能拿出與生俱來領導者的本能。而脫下戰袍之後的他,其實是個非常體貼以及考慮周到的男人。在這個沒有正確答案且人類生死存亡繫於一瞬的世界中,他總是為自己做出的每個決定負起全盤的責任。

Ed is the alpha male of Team One. He’s outgoing, uncompromising, and charismatic. He thrives on the high-risk calls that are the bread and butter of his career, and rises to meet any tactical challenge with the laser-sharp instincts of a man born to be a leader. But under the uniform he’s a profoundly thoughtful man, who carries the burden of every decision he’s made… in a world where there may be no right answers, and where human fates are sealed in a split-second.


This season, the bonds of Ed’s marriage to Sophie are tested when they learn they’re expecting another baby… and she makes it plain she will no longer accept a husband whose family always comes in second to the job. Ed also confronts his brother Roy, a troubled cop who’s had the bad luck to live in Ed’s shadow all his life and will go to dangerous extremes to earn his respect.