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2023/4/1,週六 21:00

天才女孩想上學 (南非/2007/劇情)

Language: Afrikaans


製作公司:Welela Studios

•    2007年南非德班國際電影節
•    2007年南非阿波羅電影節
•    2007年南韓釜山影展
•    2007年阿拉伯聯合大公國杜拜國際電影節
•    2008年瑞典哥特堡國際電影節

•    本片是曾在好萊塢拍片的南非導演達雷爾魯德(《哭泣的大地》、《永不遺忘的美麗》)眾多作品中規模最小的一部劇情片,也是他最好的作品之一。一個極為簡單的故事,描述偏遠地區教師與一名無法就學的天才女孩的友誼,任何年齡層的觀眾都能大受感動。

•    一部暖心的電影,本片暗喻的是新南非出現之後,過去的弱勢族群重新燃起希望……

•    艾布麗娜伯斯曼的演出技驚四座。這位年輕演員首次登上大銀幕就展現出滿滿的專業自信。由於片中的對話都是即興演出,更顯現出整體演員的精彩成就。掌鏡的安德魯托梅以高清攝影拍出赭色大地和天真笑顏。


Meisie is a heart-warming and heart-breaking tale of a goat-herding young girl who wants to go to school. When a young schoolteacher form Cape Town is posted to a small rural town in the Kalahari desert, she encounters a talented but uneducated little girl whose life she is determined to turn around. In her battle to teach Meisie, the teacher must convince Meisie’s father, a sceptical and hardened man, of the benefits and importance of education. 

Director: Darrell Roodt
Producer: Diony Kempen
Production Co:  Welela Studios
Cast: Renate Stuurman, Abrina Bosman, Raymond Basson, Desmond Classen

Film Festivals:
•    Durban International Film Festival, South Africa, 2007.
•    Apollo Film Festival , South Africa, 2007.
•    Pusan International Film Festival, South Korea, 2007.
•    Dubai International Film Festival , United Arab Emirates, 2007.
•    Göteborg International Film Festival , Sweden, 2008.

•    The smallest feature made by prolific, Hollywood-experienced South African helmer Darrell James Roodt (“Cry, the Beloved Country,” “Yesterday”) is also one of his best. Minimalist tale of a remote-area schoolteacher befriending a gifted girl who wants to learn but isn’t allowed to delivers maximum emotional rewards for auds of all ages. 

•    Easily readable as a metaphor for the renewed hope of previously disadvantaged people in a new South Africa, the film is warm-hearted…. 

•    Bosman is a knockout. Young thesp had never seen a movie camera prior to filming, and performs with the effervescent confidence of a pro. Her achievement, and indeed that of the entire cast, is made even more impressive by the fact that dialogue was completely improvised. Lenser Andrew Tolmay’s rhapsodic HD photography of ochre landscapes and smiling faces is the standout of a pristine tech package.