MOD 105


The Twisted Timeline of Sammy and Raj
2023/2/6起,週一至週五 17:00

阿沙和阿傑有一個秘密:一個可以控製時間的應用程序! 無論是快進無聊的家庭會議,或是倒帶重溫滑板場上的精彩一天,扭曲時間總會帶來挑戰和無限樂趣。他們所到之處總是一片混亂或者搞笑連連!

Sammy and Raj have a secret: an App that controls time! Whether it's fast forwarding through boring family meetings or rewinding to relive an awesome day at the skatepark, twisting time comes with challenges and a lot of fun. Watch out for chaos and comedy wherever they go!