MOD 264


We, Cycle
2022/8/5起,每週五 18:00


We, Cycle' tackles friendship, adventure, outdoor sports and the environment. Program that is PPL and environment friendly. Biking enthusiasts dubbed the 'We, Cycle' goes off on a two-day trip with only a backpack and a bike. No plan, spontaneous, and always moving, 'We, Cycle' will meet new people, find never-before-seen roads and introduce well-hidden gems across the nation while creating Zero Waste. 'We, Cycle' will be comprised of two teams -one led by global super idol and the other by comedian Yoo Se-yoon. Team members will include Pentagon’s Wooseok, “Zero Waste” professor James Hooper, Kpop idolsAB6ix’s Jeon-woong and iKON’s Yunhyeong Song. 'We, Cycle' will put emphasis on the recent global wave of “Zero Waste,” leaving nothing behind, only enjoying the location while they are present. The challenge of the show is to enjoy the leisure and fun of biking, and protect the environment, urging fans of History to do the same. Enjoying nature and life as is, 'We, Cycle' will attempt to shed light on enjoying the moment in the wild, uncovering tracks hidden in nature, and camping on site.