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Gamerz玩家學院 第2季

Gamerz (S2)
2022/7/18起,週一至週五 23:00

12 名電競選手將在電競教練的幫助下進行體能與賽事訓練, 挑戰最熱門的射擊遊戲《 絕對武力:全球攻勢》發揮他們的競技能力。兩組人每天都在比賽直播和互動挑戰中接受考驗。任何事情都有可能發生,五名幸運的獲勝者將獲得為期六個月的職業電競合約。

12 talents will move into the GAMERZ House where they will, with professional help, be drilled to maximize their CS:GO gaming abilities. These talents are tested and challenged daily in live broadcasts of matches and interactive challenges. Anything can happen and no one is safe on their way towards the final objective where five lucky winners will be awarded a six months professional esports contract.