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Language: Italian








製作公司:Movimento Film, Agresywna Banda, RAI Cinema




  • 2020年威尼斯影展國際影評人週最佳男主角Francesco Pasinetti獎
  • 2021年大衛獎最佳新導演、最佳歌曲、最佳配樂入圍
  • 2020年Fabrique Du Cinema獎最佳義大利首部長片
  • 2021年Univerciné電影節觀眾票選獎
  • 2020年莫斯科猶太電影節評審團獎
  • 2021年斯佩洛電影節最佳音效
  • 2021年金場記板獎最佳男主角入圍,亞利桑德羅加斯曼
  • 2021年金場記板獎最佳首部長片入圍,毛羅曼奇尼
  • 2021年金場記板獎最佳歌曲入圍
  • 2021年金場記板獎最佳女配角入圍,莎拉瑟瑞約科
  • 2021年義大利國家電影新聞記者協會獎最佳男主角入圍,亞利桑德羅加斯曼
  • 2021年義大利國家電影新聞記者協會獎最佳配樂入圍
  • 2021年義大利國家電影新聞記者協會獎最佳新導演,毛羅曼奇尼
  • 2021年義大利語最佳女配角,莎拉瑟瑞約科
  • 2021年威尼斯影展最佳義大利電影,毛羅曼奇尼
  • 2021年威尼斯影展最佳影片入圍,毛羅曼奇尼
  • 2021年War on Screen國際電影節,國際評審團獎入圍,毛羅曼奇尼




《The Woman of My Life》,2010年。




  • 威尼斯國際影評人週競賽片,也是今年入選的唯一一部義大利電影,《煙硝過後》是毛羅曼奇尼的第一部長片。在編導這部電影之前,毛羅曼奇尼於2005年以短片《Our Secret》跨足電影圈,爾後繼續拍攝短片以及電視和廣告。



  • 亞利桑德羅加斯曼的演技非常有說服力⋯⋯導演曼奇尼帶來一部精彩的首部作品,故事簡單但引人入勝,結局令人意想不到。
  • 毛羅曼奇尼,《煙硝過後》導演


  • Menemsha電影公司總裁尼爾佛里曼表示,這部片「在許多層面」令他印象深刻,「對於初執導演筒的毛羅曼奇尼而言成就非凡」,同時也褒揚男主角的表現「精彩萬分」,男主角亞利桑德羅加斯曼的父親為已故傳奇演員維托里奧加斯曼。
  • 「本片是一個道德寓言,也有如紀實電影般真實,」佛里曼補充道。
  • 這部電影以細膩手法講述了道德難題,涵蓋了人性的矛盾以及隨處可見的種族仇恨。



A split-second decision at a traffic accident triggers repercussions for a Jewish surgeon and a neo-Nazi’s daughter, in this gripping, potent drama. Simone (Alessandro Gassmann), a Holocaust survivor’s son, rushes to the scene of a hit-and-run. But when he sees a swastika tattoo on the victim’s chest, he leaves the gravely wounded man to his fate. Wracked with guilt, the anguished doctor confronts the ethics of his choice, and bonds with the victim’s daughter Marcia (Sara Serraiocco), embroiling himself in greater conflict. Posing profound questions about redemption and the paradoxes of the human soul in the face of hate, this provocative parable was winner of the Best Italian Film and Best Actor awards at the Venice International Film Festival.



Director: Mauro Mancini

Producers: Mario Mazzarotto, Alessandro Leone

Production Co: Movimento Film, Agresywna Banda, RAI Cinema

Cast: Alessandro Gassmann, Sara Serraiocco, Luka Zunic, Lorenzo Buonora, Andrea Dodero



  • Francesco Pasinetti Award, The Best Actor, Venice International Critics’ Week 2020.
  • Nomination For The Best New Director, Best Song, Best Composer, David Di Donatello Awards 2021.
  • Best Italian Debut Feature Film, Fabrique Du Cinema Awards 2020.
  • Audience Award, Univerciné Film Festival Nantes 2021.
  • Jury Prize, Moscow Jewish Film Festival 2020.
  • Best Sound Effects, Festival de cinema di Spello 2021.
  • Alessandro Gassman, Best Actor Nominee, Golden Ciak Awards 2021.
  • Mauro Mancini, Best First Feature Nominee, Golden Ciak Awards 2021.
  • Best Song Nominee, Golden Ciak Awards 2021.
  • Sara Serraiocco, Best Supporting Actress Nominee, Golden Ciak Awards 2021.
  • Alessandro Gassman, Best Actor Nominee, Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists 2021.
  • Best Score Nominee, Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists 2021.
  • Mauro Mancini, Best New Director, Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists 2021.
  • Sara Serraiocco, Best Supporting Actress, Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists 2021.
  • Mauro Mancini, Best Italian Film, Venice Film Festival 2021.
  • Mauro Mancini, Best Film Nominee, Venice Film Festival 2021.
  • Mauro Mancini, International Jury Grand Prize Nominee, War on Screen International Film Festival 2021.


Filmography: Alessandro Gassman (award winning actor)

The Father And The Foreigner, 2010

The Woman Of My Life, 2010

The Transporter 2, 2005


Other Information:

  • Presented in competition in Venice’s International Film Critics’ Week and the only Italian title in this year’s selection, Thou Shalt Not Hate [+] is Mauro Mancini’s first full-length film. Before writing and directing this film, the filmmaker made his debut in 2005 with the short film Our Secret and went on to work on other shorts, as well as in the TV and advertising arenas.



  • Gassman’s performance is highly convincing… It’s a promising debut for Mancini: despite its simplicity, the story is engaging, and it all ends in pleasingly organic fashion.
  • Mauro Mancini, Director of Thou Shalt Not Hate

“I wanted what the characters don’t say to one another to be more important than what they do say”

  • Menemsha president Neil Friedman said he was impressed with the film “on a multitude of levels,” and noted that the drama “is a great accomplishment for a first-time director,” while also praising Gassman — who is the son of late great actor Vittorio Gassman — as “miraculous” in the lead role.
  • “The film works both as a morality tale and as cinema vérité,” Friedman added.
  • A nuanced morality tale, the film touches on both the contradictions of the human soul and the prevalent racial hate.