MOD 385

創新王國 第14季

2022/6/21起,每週二 22:00

由美國幽默作家、記者和演員 Mo Rocca 主持,獲艾美獎的《創新王國》,最新一季講述了世界上最偉大的發明和創新背後的戲劇性故事。 我們遵循發明者將這些願景變為現實所需的毅力、熱情和代價。節目還將回顧歷史上最偉大的發明,從電話到有史以來最昂貴的汽車,並將焦點放在改變世界的女性發明家身上。

Innovation Nation, an Emmy Award winning show returns for another season together Mo Rocca and his team exploring incredible new innovations such as a handheld mini-printer that you can print with a swipe, a kid’s car seat that fits in a small pouch, and glasses that can monitor your health! They’ll also look back at history’s greatest inventions, from the telephone to the most expensive car ever built, as well as putting the spotlight on female inventors who have changed the world