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2022/6/5,週日 21:00






Language: Portuguese










製作公司:House of Quest, Quattuor Pictures




  • 2020年愛沙尼亞塔林黑夜電影節最佳劇本
  • 2020年愛沙尼亞塔林黑夜電影節最佳影片入圍



  • 「⋯⋯《不公義審判》是一部誠懇之作,對主要人物的描述做足了功課,內容動人……」
  • 精彩的葡萄牙法庭劇情片剖析了家暴的結構,尤蘭達拉蘭熱羅展現過人演技(塔林黑夜電影節)。
  • 《不公義審判》的真實性令人信服。尤蘭達拉蘭熱羅帶來強而有力的演出……多層次的對話結合水準之上的演技,並加入了一些詩意手法(如挪威搖籃〈Sa Ro Godt Barn〉)。一部製作精良的電影作品。
  • 導演兼編劇萊奧納多安東尼奧做了很多功課,呈現了一齣引人入勝的戲劇,描述女性對自己的丈夫提起性侵訴訟的情形。
  • 尤蘭達拉蘭熱羅為Lúcia帶來了深度和複雜性,讓我們看到她天人交戰的情緒,她被迫解釋不僅單一事件,還包括她在人際關係中的應對和身體反應……本片在塔林黑夜電影節全球首映,獲得了最佳劇本獎,萊奧納多安東尼奧不只以文字來說故事,提升了他的作品。



A captivating drama of what happens when a woman files a court case against here own husband for rape. The already difficult situation is further complicated by the fact that the husband is the only son of the deputy to the chief prosecutor. The power balance is entirely askew and in addition to everything else the woman has to face the obsolete beliefs of the patriarchal society, which are embedded in the entire Portuguese court system.



Lucia is raped by her husband and presses charges against him. While fighting the Portuguese legal system to get her husband in court, she finds out she is pregnant. The case takes place in closed session wherein Lucia represents the woman in a man’s world – the subject is rape and prostitution in marriage.


Writer/Director: Leonardo António

Producers:   Leonardo António, Stefanie Coimbra

Production Co: House of Quest, Quattuor Pictures

Cast:  Iolanda Laranjeiro, Maria João Abreu, João Catarré, Marcantonio Del Carlo, José Raposo



  • Best Script, Estonia Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, 2020.
  • Best Film Nominee, Estonia Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, 2020.



  • “….Submission is both honest in its intentions, researched in its main character depiction and gripping in its content….”
  • Impressive Portuguese courtroom drama dissects the structures of domestic abuse, supported by a dazzling performance from Iolanda Laranjeiro - from the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.
  • The authenticity of Submission is entirely tangible. Laranjeiro delivers a quietly powerful performance…… Multilayered dialogues are combined with propitious performances and spiced with a few poetic devices (such as the Norwegian lullaby Sa Ro Godt Barn). A very finely-crafted piece of filmmaking.
  • Director and screenwriter Leonardo Antonio has done a lot of thorough research to give us a captivating drama of what happens when a woman files a court case against here own husband for rape.
  • Laranjeiro brings real depth and complexity to Lúcia, allowing us to see her own warring emotions as she's forced to explain not just this single incident but her entire approach and physical reactions in relationships……António won the Best Script Award after its world premiere in Tallinn but it's the storytelling that goes beyond words that elevates his work.