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Language: Yakut (Turkic language)











製作公司:Saydam Baryl




  • 2020年歐洲之窗電影節最佳影片大獎
  • 2021年俄羅斯影評人協會獎最佳配樂入圍




  • 史蒂芬伯納雪夫拍出一部發人省思的好片,描述貪婪和需求可能造成一個人濫權又無情。本片以接近極地的雅庫特為背景,編導在極端天氣下捕捉人類本能。
  • 伯納雪夫開了一扇通往煉獄的大門,連最虔誠的教徒看了也心有餘悸。
  • 《暗色險境》是在與片中同樣的寒冬下拍攝。主角費多特利沃夫在歐洲之窗電影節的記者會上表示,拍攝期間最辛苦的是在攝氏零下40度躺在卡車下方。本片以其寫實主義和對北方小村莊艱困生活的刻畫而備受讚譽,但《暗色險境》的核心是一個寓言管事,描述棄公德心而追求私利會帶來的後果。
  • 片中呈現的薩哈冬季景觀,也非常值得一看。其他描述薩哈的電影往往強調風景的美麗,但在伯納雪夫的處理之下,令人嘆為觀止的景象也充滿威脅和疏離。



Gosha is a self-employed trucker, who delivers goods to remote northern parts of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). He uses his competitive edge and his services are expensive. Moreover, he supplies fake low-quality vodka to his native community, thereby alcoholizing the locals.

After another trip, he exchanges vodka for meat and fish – the only currency the northerners are able to pay him. His greed lures him into driving back to the city without a partner-driver. During the journey, his truck breaks down. He is stuck in the middle of nowhere. Нe is the only living soul for hundreds of kilometers around.



"Black Snow" is the story of a trucker from Yakutia who goes on a five-day trip alone. What happens to him on the road is perceived as a consequence of his isolation from his roots, neglect of the traditions of his ancestors. Finding himself in extreme conditions, the main character rethinks his values, which makes it possible for him to return to people.


Writer/Director: Stepan Burnashev

Producer:  Stepan Burnashev

Production Co:  Saydam Baryl

Cast: Fedot Lvov, Ekaterina Khoyutanova, Vladislav Portnyagin, Kirill Semyonov, Alexandra Sivtseva



  • Best Film, Grand Prix, Window to Europe, 2020.
  • Best Composer Nominee, Russian Guild of Film Critics, 2021.




  • Stepan Burnashev paints a very sober picture of the abuse of power and heartlessness born either out of need or greed. By setting up the story in the isolated region of Yakutia where life is a survival game, the writer/ director comes very near to the nature of the most basic of all instincts under special circumstances.
  • Burnashev opens a door to purgatory that would scare the hell out of any hard-line cleric.
  • Black Snow was shot amid the same winter chill that menaces the film’s protagonist. Lead actor Fedot Lvov stated in a press briefing during “Window to Europe” that the most difficult part of filming was lying beneath a truck in temperatures reaching -40 degrees centigrade. While Burnashev’s film has been lauded for its gritty realism and portrayal of the difficulties of life in a small Northern Village, Black Snow is, at its heart, a fable, a dark lesson about the dangers of abandoning communal values in favor of a selfish pursuit of profit.
  • The film is also worth viewing for its showcase of the Sakha winter landscape along the lonely ice road. Burnashev’s treatment transforms this breathtaking environment, which other Sakhawood films often highlight for its beauty, into a menacing and isolated one.