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Abraham Lincoln
4/1起,每週五 20:05


"Abraham Lincoln" tells the true story of America's iconic 16th president. Across three two-hour episodes, the mini-series immerses viewers into the world and story of Abe before Lincoln. A young man looking to make his mark, who grows into the man who puts himself in position to lead the young United States through its' greatest crisis. By weaving together both scripted dramatizations of important moments in his life and commentary by authoritative historians and public figures, including former President Barack Obama, the series is a portrait of Lincoln determined to leave his mark on the world. The series chronicles the evolution of Abraham Lincoln as a man and as a thinker against the backdrop of a nation increasingly torn over the issue of slavery. As the war rages on, the series shows how, in part due to the efforts and influence of abolitionists such as Frederick Douglass, he comes to value the importance of seizing the moment at hand to end slavery in America, once and for all.