MOD 384


2022/2/25起,每週五 21:45

地產經紀盧克羅曼是羅曼地產店的老闆,那是一家精品住宅地產仲介,專門從事「有故事」的物業,也稱為凶宅。盧克能與靈界聯繫;不僅可 以感覺到客戶家中的特別存在,還可以經常與牠們交流和談判。盧克 跟團隊接管了其他人不能或不願承辦的房屋。


Real estate agent Luke Roman is the owner of The Roman Agency, a boutique residential real estate brokerage specializing in "metaphysically engaged" properties, also known as haunted houses. Luke has a special connection to the spiritual realm; he can not only sense the presence that might inhabit a client's house, he can often communicate and negotiate with it. Along with his team, Luke takes on the houses nobody else can or will.