MOD 259


American Justice
2022/1/15起,每週六 21:05

由演員丹尼斯·赫柏特(曾演出電視劇《24小時反恐任務》、The Unit)講述,這部全新構想且經典的《美國正義》透過犯罪司法系統的角度,以及檢察官、辯護律師、調查人員、受害者和涉嫌兇手的親身觀點,探討美國最近的犯罪案件。

Narrated by actor Dennis Haysbert (“24,” “The Unit,”) the newly reimagined and iconic “American Justice” looks at recent criminal cases in the United States through the prism of the criminal justice system, and from the first-hand perspectives of the prosecutors, defense attorneys, investigators, victims and perpetrators involved.