MOD 264


Once Upon a Main Street
2021/12/24 週五 21:55


Amelia is super excited when she buys an available storefront, planning to open a year-round Christmas shop. But her celebration comes to a screeching halt when she discovers that Vic has also bid on the property. Amelia and Vic have the same idea, get to the seller--Elder Dubois in the next town--and convince him to sell his space to them. Despite the holidays, Elder is down in the dumps. It's the first Christmas without his wife, and he's in no mood to chair the decoration committee for the "Battle of the Main Street" yearly holiday competition. Hoping to win favor with Elder, Amelia and Vic volunteer to take over his duties. After continually bickering, the two combatants learn to work together. Everyone, including Amelia and Vic, realize that compromise is the key that leads to a happy--and romantic--ending. Vanessa Lachey, Ryan McPartlin, Patrick Duffy, Polly Draper (2020)