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Court Cam Presents Under Oath
2021/10/05 週二 21:05
New series COURT CAM PRESENTS UNDER OATH gives viewers an unprecedented look at defendants as they take to the witness stand to fight for their freedom with their own words. The series, which tells the story of a crime from the unique lens of the accused, is hosted by Dan Abrams. Each episode will cover everything from first-hand defendant testimony, juxtaposed with the contentious cross examination, to the final verdict. There is a reason that taking the witness stand in your own defense is a gamble that very few criminal defendants ever take. In addition to interviews with key members of the investigation, the series features original video from law enforcement, surveillance camera footage, 911 audio recordings, digital forensic evidence and some exclusive interviews and responses from the defendants themselves, to provide an in-depth look at dozens of raw and real cases.


法庭現場 第4季
Court Cam (S4)
法庭現場 第3季
Court Cam (S3)
法庭現場 第2季
Court Cam (S2)
Court Cam