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Language: German, Turkish



土耳其裔Hüseyin Yilmaz在德國做了45年的移工,現年 70多歲的他向家人宣布,他在土耳其買了一間房子,希望所有人和他一起回去裝修房子。家人對這個想法並不感興趣,隨之而來的是一場激烈的辯論。火上澆油的是,孫女Canan透露她懷了英國男友的孩子,家人連她有男友的事都不知情。Canan有個6歲的侄子Cenk,第一天上學就因為身為外國人而被欺負,為了安慰他,Canan說了一個神奇的故事,大意是為什麼他們不是德國人,卻來到了德國。故事穿越時空,回到了一個奇妙的地方,有個土耳其小家庭發現了一片土地,那裡住著吃豬肉的金髮巨人,他們用繩子牽著大老鼠散步,那裡的水被稱為可口可樂,那兒的人們還膜拜十字架上的木頭人,所有人都說著胡言亂語——那個地方就叫做「德國」!




製作公司:Roxy Film, Infa Film





  • 2011年安塔利亞金橙電影節,評審團特別獎
  • 2011年芝加哥國際電影節最佳敘事長片
  • 2011年德國電影獎最佳劇本
  • 2012年德國影評人協會獎最佳劇本
  • 2012年德國影評人協會獎最佳長片
  • 2011年德國藝術片電影院協會金獎
  • 2011年慕尼黑電影節最佳新導演
  • 2011年奧德薩國際電影節國際競賽單元
  • 2012年棕櫚泉國際電影節New Voices/New Visions評審團獎入圍
  • 2012年波特蘭國際電影節最佳敘事長片
  • 2011年石溪電影節閉幕片



  • 2011年Film+最佳劇情長片入圍
  • 2011年德國電影獎最佳長片
  • 2012年德國影評人協會獎最佳剪輯入圍
  • 2012年德國影評人協會獎最佳電影配樂入圍
  • 2011年慕尼黑電影節最佳童星,拉菲爾庫蘇里



  • 雅瑟敏薩穆德里的首部片著眼於土耳其移民和德國種族融合的熱門議題……一部關於東西方差異以及東方碰上西方的迷人喜劇……
  • 描述歐洲與移工的困境關係不易以喜劇來表現,但是《歡迎來到德國》做到了,片中描述一個土耳其裔德國家庭的過去和現在,徘徊在兩國之間尋找身份認同。
  • 一部暖心懷舊的溫馨喜劇片,免不了催淚的劇情,令人想到描述在英巴基斯坦移民的《East is East》。銀幕日報
  • 這部善意的喜劇凸顯了對土耳其和德國文化的相互尊重,帶有一種說教的基調。
  • 《歡迎來到德國》觀察入微。有些部分過於感傷,但也相當溫馨,很難不喜歡上這部片!



  • 本片主要以德語拍攝為了描繪土耳其移工和家人在1960年代來到德國時的感受,倒序場景裡德國人物說的不是真正的德語,而是聽起來像德語的胡言亂語。
  • 在火車上也可聽到一位母親用羅馬尼亞語安撫小孩。



After working for 45 years in Germany as a Turkish Gastarbeiter, or guest worker, Hüseyin Yilmaz, now in his 70s, announces to his family that he has bought a house in Turkey and wants everyone to go back with him to renovate it. The family is not enamoured with the idea and a heated debate ensues. Adding fuel to the fire is the revelation of granddaughter Canan that she is pregnant from her English boyfriend, whom the family has no idea about. In order to comfort her six-year-old cousin Cenk, who was bullied on his first day at school for being a “foreigner,” Canan tries to cheer him up by telling him the fantastic story of how and why they all ended up in Germany, even though they aren’t Germans.  They undertake a journey back in time to a wondrous place where a small Turkish family discovered a land populated by blond giants who ate pigs, where big rats on leashes were taken on walks, where water was called Coca-Cola, where people worshiped a little wooden figure on a cross, and where everyone spoke “gibberish” – a land called ALMANYA!Stars Vedat Erincin & Fahri Ogun Yardim


Director: Yasemin Samdereli

Producers: Annie Brunner, Andreas Richter, Ursula Woerner

Production Co: Roxy Film, Infa FIlm

Cast: Vedat Erincin, Fahri Yardim, Lilay Huser, Aylin Tezel



Yasemin Samsereli

  • Special Jury Award, Antalya Golden Orange FF, 2011.
  • Best Narrative Feature, Chicago IFF, 2011.
  • Best Screenplay, German Film Awards, 2011.
  • Best Screeplay, German Film Critics Association Awafrds, 2012.
  • Best Feature Film, German Film Critics Association Awafrds, 2012.
  • German Film, Guild Film Award – Gold, Guild of German Art House Cinemas, 2011.
  • Best New Director, Munich FF, 2011.
  • International Competition, Odea IFF, 2011.
  • New Voices/New Visions Grand Jury Prize Nominee, Palm Springs IFF, 2012.
  • Best Narrative Feature, Portland IFF, 2012.
  • Closing Night Film, Stony Brook FF, 2011.


  • Feature Film Fiction Nominee, Film+, 2011.
  • Outstanding Feature Film, german Film Awards, 2011.
  • Best Editing Nominee, German Film Critics Association Awafrds, 2012.
  • Best Film Score Nominee, German Film Critics Association Awafrds, 2012.
  • Rafael Koussouris, Best Child Actor, Munich FF, 2011.


  • Debut feature from Yasemin Samdereli looks at the hot button issues of Turkish immigration and integration in Germany....Delightful and charming comedy about the differences between East and West - and what can happen, if the two should meet....
  • It’s not easy “assimilating” comedy into a depiction of Europe’s troubled relations with its migrant workers. But that’s exactly what ALMAYNA: WELCOME TO GERMANY does with the past and present of one Turkish-German family as they stumble through two countries to ask one question: “Who am I?”
  • A warm-hearted, nostalgia-tinged crowd-pleaser and also a manipulative, irresistible tear-jerker, this is the Turkish/German riposte to East is East’s Pakistani immigrants in the UK. - Screen Daily
  • Well-meaning comedy highlighting mutual respect for Turkish and German culture strikes a moralising tone..
  • “Almanya” is certainly well-observed. If it’s a little cloyingly sentimental, it’s also so good-natured that it’s hard not to like.

Trivia (IMDB):

  • The film was shot primarily in German. To give an impression how the Turkish guest workers and their families felt when they came to Germany in the 1960s, the passages spoken by German characters in the flashback scenes are spoken in a German-like gibberish.
  • When in the train, a mother calming down her children can be heard speaking in Romanian.