MOD 384

蒙面歌王美國版 第6季

The Masked Singer (S6)
2021/09/23起 每週四 20:50


18位名人身穿整套全新服飾和面具在 《 蒙面歌王 》 匿名競技。在每次表演前,都有使用了變聲技術的片段講述他們的來歷,提供他們身份的線索。每個人用自己的聲音表演後,評審團嘗試猜測蒙面歌手的真實身分。然後由觀眾投選,看誰能晉級,而誰將參加另一輪比賽,並隨時面臨淘汰。

Eighteen celebrities compete anonymously in new full bodied costumes and masks in The Masked Singer. Before each performance, a video package teases clues to their identity with the celebrity narrating aspects of their biography in a disguised voice. After each performs in their own voice, the panelists attempt to guess who is the masked singer. The contestants are then voted on by the audience to see who is safe and continues, or who will compete in a further round of singing in that episode, and possibly face elimination.