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A Summer In Sicily (Germany/Italy/2016/Romance/Drama)




Language: German, Italian






在西西里島的一家小商店買到一生中品嚐過最好的葡萄酒,然後還在海灘上遇上一位迷人的流浪漢(丹尼爾霍維爾斯飾演)。但這裡描述的不是現實生活,而是在電影裡!電影裡的葡萄酒專家Sandra(亨麗葉特李赫特羅爾飾演) 和廚師Reinhold(斯凱杜蒙特)開著吉普車穿越美麗的風景,閒聊關於葡萄酒的事,希望有機會找到一瓶好酒。丹尼爾霍維爾斯是本片最精彩的新發現。這位年輕的演員出身劇場,希望他未來能有更多大銀幕作品。










年輕的葡萄酒專家Sandra正在西西里為客戶尋找一種獨特的紅酒,還順便救了一名男子。一直以來,國際酒商Reinhold仰賴Sandra的鼻子,找到了許多美酒,據說在西西里有一種特殊的葡萄品種,於是Sandra被派遣至當地。當Sandra終於找到了她要找的葡萄,卻被一個遭遇海難的男人破壞了原本的計劃。Sandra稱呼他為「羅賓遜」,因為這個在海灘上被她救下的男人已失去了記憶。送醫之後,Sandra得知這種情況可能會持續幾天。她對這個神秘男人的關心,逐漸發酵成某種情感。Sandra先是墜入愛河,才了解他的真實身份。Bruno Haller是德國人,已婚育有一女。事情最終並非表面上的樣子,正如葡萄酒沒有水就無法散發香氣,等到Sandra離開西西里島時,她的身邊一定會有新戀人的陪伴。








TV love drama. A wine connoisseur is looking for a good drop and finds a man on the beach.


Funny that that never happens to you. That you can buy the best wine of your life in a small shop in Sicily and then pick up an attractive castaway (Daniel Hoevels) on the beach. But we are not in real life either, but in the “heart cinema”. And there, oenologist Sandra (Henriette Richter-Röhl) with Chef Reinhold (Sky du Mont) can cucumber through the landscape in a jeep, ramble about wines and hope for luck ... Hoevels is the only discovery of the little film. The young actor comes from the theater. We would like to see him more often.





A young woman finds a man on the beach, saves his life and falls in love with the stranger. In addition, the passionate oenologist is still looking for the best wine in Sicily. Like a good red wine, this story also needs time to breathe in order to fully develop its atmosphere, and Michael Keusch gives it to it. That is pleasantly undramatic. It flows in the rhythm of the landscape, light and sea. A film for love film fans who have not forgotten how to look - with Mediterranean flair & the enchanting Henriette Richter-Röhl.



Sandra (Henriette Richter-Röhl) is a passionate oenologist - a specialist when it comes to tracking down new wines. For her boss, the international wine merchant Reinhold (Sky du Mont), she is now on the road in Sicily, where she is supposed to find a special grape variety on the slopes of Mount Etna. On the beach, however, she does not find any wine, but a shipwrecked man whom she rescues. The man who she unceremoniously baptized “Robinson” (Daniel Hoevels) has lost his memory and no longer knows anything about his life. Sandra helps him and gradually falls in love. But then she learns the true identity of the German who is married and has a daughter ...



The young oenologist Sandra is looking for a unique red wine for her client's repertoire in Sicily and, by the way, finds the man for life. The international wine merchant Reinhold relies on Sandra's nose, who has already found so many fine wines. In Sicily it is said to be a special grape variety. When Sandra finally finds what she is looking for, a shipwrecked man thwarted her ambitious plans. "Robinson" is what Sandra calls the man she finds and saves on the beach. He has lost his memory and in the hospital she learned that this condition could last for a few more days. Her care for the enigmatic man triggers a certain affection in Sandra. She falls in love and then she learns his true identity. Bruno Haller is married in Germany and has one daughter. In the end, however, things are not what they seem, and just as wine cannot flourish without water, Sandra will never leave Sicily without her new love.


Director:          Michael Keusch

Producer:                Bernadette Schugg

Production Co:        Moviepool, ZDF

Cast:                            Henriette Richter-Röhl, Sky Dumont, Daniel Hoevels, Giorgio Lupano, Julia Nachtmann, Mirko Lang, Emilio De Marchi