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製作公司:Bord Cadre Films,Centerstage Productions,Films Boutique











  • 2019年亞太電影大獎最佳女主角,麥克斯艾根曼

  • 2020年金雞獎最佳國際影片入圍,雷蒙里貝古特列茲

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  • 最佳女主角入圍,麥克斯艾根曼

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  • 最佳女配角,多莉德萊昂

  • 最佳導演,雷蒙里貝古特列茲

  • 最佳男主角,克里斯多福金

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  • 2019年多倫多國際電影節

  • 2019年特柳賴德影展

  • 2019年釜山影展



  • ⋯⋯雷蒙里貝古特列茲首部作品,女性家暴受害者在迷宮般的菲律賓官僚機構尋求正義。」(綜藝報)


  • 菲律賓編導雷蒙里貝古特列茲優秀的首部作品,描述馬尼拉一樁家暴案件從成案到判決的訴訟過程。《判決之後》是一部切合時事、充滿同理心的作品,審視官僚制和父權制交相危害婦女的情況。


  • 《判決之後》重新檢討現狀,無論角色的行為或是代表人民利益的法律,都必須再次接受檢視。


  • ⋯⋯《判決之後》不僅僅是一部出發點良善的電影。它具有多層面重要性,也是一部製作精良的電影……」


  • 引人入勝的法庭片,能引起世界各地觀眾的共鳴  (綜藝報)



  • 代表菲律賓角逐第92屆奧斯卡最佳外語片,可惜未獲提名。


  • 榮獲2019年威尼斯影展特別評審團獎,也是該屆影展唯一的東南亞電影。


  • ⋯⋯克里斯多福金最後作品,他在今年2月過世,享年僅36歲⋯⋯



Joy and her six-year-old daughter Angel live in Manila, with her husband, Dante, a small-time criminal. As so often in the past, Dante comes home drunk at night and beats Joy brutally. This time, he also hurts Angel. Joy grabs her daughter and flees to the local police post to finally get him sent to jail. Joy learns that justice takes time at best and is impossible to get at worst. Not without reason, she feels that she and her daughter are increasingly under threat…

Synopsis (Toronto IFF)

An abused wife looks for justice but finds the legal and bureaucratic institutions meant to protect her mired in loopholes and repressive patriarchal traditions, in Raymund Ribay Gutierrez's gripping feature debut.

Writer/Director: Raymund Ribay Gutierrez

Producers: Brillante Ma Mendoza

Production Co: Bord Cadre Films, Centerstage Productions, Films Boutique

Cast: Max Eigenmann, Kristoffer King

Director’s Biography 

Raymund Ribay Gutierrez was born in Makati City, Manila, Philippines. He has directed the Festival shorts Imago (2016) and Judgement (2018), both of which were nominated for a Palme d'Or at Cannes; Imago also won the TIFF Short Cuts Award for Best Short Film. Verdict (2019) is his feature debut. 

A protégé of Brillante Ma Mendoza, acclaimed and multi-awardee Filipino independent filmmaker, including Cannes and Berlin wins.

“….Judgement was a precursor short film to Verdict…” 


  • Max Eigenmann, Best Performance by an Actress, Asia Pacific Screen Awards, 2019.

  • Raymund Ribay Gutierrez, Best Intl Film Nominee, Golden Rooster Awards, 2020.

  • Raymund Ribay Gutierrez, Best Feature Film, NETPAC Award, Hainan IFF, 2019.

  • Best Foreign Language Film Nominee, FIPRESCI Prize, Palm Springs IFF, 2020.

  • Kristoffer King, Best Performance – Asian Feature Film, Singapore IFF, 2019.

  • Raymund Ribay Gutierrez, Best Asian Feature Film Nominee, Singapore IFF, 2019.

  • Raymund Ribay Gutierrez, Grand Prize Nominee, Tokyo FILMeX, 2019.

  • Raymund Ribay Gutierrez, Special Jury Prize, Venice FF, 2019.

  • Raymund Ribay Gutierrez, Best Film Nominee, Venice FF, 2019.

Gawad Urian Awards, 2020:

  • Kristoffer King, Best Supporting Actor.

  • Max Eigenmann, Best Actress Nominee.

  • Best Editing Nominee.

  • Best Cinematography Nominee.

FAMAS Awards, 2020:

  • Dolly De Leon, Best Supporting Actress.

  • Raymund Ribay Gutierrez, Best Director.

  • Kristoffer King, Best Actor.

  • Best Picture Nominee.

  • Best Screenplay Nominee.

FAP Awards, Philippines, 2020:

  • Dolly De Leon, Best Supporting Actress Nominee.

  • Best Screenplay Nominee.

  • Best Editing Nominee.

  • Best Cinematography Nominee.

  • Kristoffer King, Best Actor Nominee.

  • Best Picture Nominee.

Young Critics Circle, Philippines, 2020:

  • Raymund Ribay Gutierrez, Best First Feature.

  • Diego Marx Dobles, Best Achievement in Film Editing.

  • Best Film Nominee.

  • Max Eigenmann and Kristoffer King, Best Performance by Male or Female, Adult or Child, Individual or Ensemble in Leading or Supporting Role Nominee.

  • Best Screenplay Nominee.

  • Best Achievement in Cinematography and Visual Design Nominee.

Film Festivals  

  • Venice Orizzonti

  • Toronto IFF, 2019.

  • Telluride FF, 2019.

  • Busan IFF, 2019. 


  • “... A female domestic abuse victim seeks justice through the nightmarish labyrinth of Filipino bureaucracy in Raymund Ribay Gutierrez's sure-handed debut....“ Variety 

  • Filipino writer-director Raymund Ribay Gutierrez's auspicious feature debut is a captivating legal procedural that follows a Manila domestic violence case from inception to completion. Delivered with urgency and guided by compassion, Verdict takes a hard look at the myriad ways bureaucracy and patriarchal tradition combine to endanger a woman's safety. 

  • Verdict is a film that takes nothing for granted — not its characters' actions, nor the legal system that's meant to represent their best interests. 

  • “...“Verdict” is more than a film with a good cause. Its importance is multi-layered and being simply a very good film also contributes to it...“ 

  • engrossing and sophisticated procedural with universal audience appeal – Variety


  • It was selected as the Philippine entry for the Best International Feature Film at the 92nd Academy Awards, but it was not nominated. 

  • The film received the special jury prize (Horizons) at the 2019 Venice Film Festival and was the only Southeast Asian film to feature in the film festival. 

  • “..It sees Kristoffer King (in his final film role before his death, at just 36, this February)..“