MOD 627


2021/03/21 週日 20:40 首播

Jon和Roz是熟識多年的青梅竹馬,有一天Roz意外發現Jon的秘密。原來Jon在十年前就暗戀著她,Jon手臂上的刺青就是最好的證明。就在他們相互傾訴之後,塵封已久的情感也逐漸浮現。語言: 英語、日語

A sentimental ode to first loves. Jon and Roz are long-time friends. One day, Roz discovers that 10 years ago, Jon liked her and the tattoo on his arm actually blossomed out of that. As they confide in one another, buried feelings and tension surface. Language: English, Japanese