節目介紹 Introduction

更聰明,更持久、更強大: Alicia Florrick (Juliana Margulies飾演) 在新的一季再度擔綱演出這部讚譽不斷,獲獎連連的影集。因為失去舞台的老公決定投入州長選舉,她心不甘情不願再次成為大眾焦點支持老公。這一季的另一重頭 戲是Kalinda 重新接納分手的老公,陷入了一場性感又危險的關係。Lockhart & Gardner裡充斥著破產與停職解雇危機,想要存活要經歷一場割喉之戰。 Will用盡心機想從停職處分,再回到法庭,而Diane給他一些不正經的精神支持。Peter的選戰告急,因為他的對手不惜玩陰險的手段-醜聞就要浮上 檯面了。Alicia 會成為Peter的好太太再次伸出援手嗎?

Outwit, outlast, outplay: Alicia Florrick (Juliana Margulies) is back for a new installment of this critically acclaimed drama, and reluctantly back in the spotlight as her disgraced spouse makes his bid for governor. This season sizzles as Kalinda opens her door to her estranged husband and is sucked into a relationship that’s both sexy and dangerous at the same time. Lay-offs and bankruptcy plague Lockhart & Gardner, creating a cutthroat battle for survival. Watch out for Will’s long-awaited return to the courtroom after his suspension, with Diane giving him some playful moral support. And when Peter’s political campaign is rocked by a formidable opponent who’s not afraid to play dirty—and a scandal that refuses to stay hidden—will Alicia be the good wife to the rescue once more?


角色介紹 Characters

Peter Florrick

Chris Noth

比爾柯林頓的好大喜功版本:聰明、風趣幽默、總是刻意展現個人魅力。即便入獄後,他依舊帥氣英挺,令人印象深刻。像大部分充滿野心的人,他認為醜聞 只是通往成功路上的絆腳石。剛開始我們對他印象不錯,但久了之後就會提防他,甚至猜想為什麼Alicia不和他離婚。他的動機往往令人捉摸不定,但他對孩 子的愛卻是不容懷疑。

A back-slapping Bill Clinton: smart, funny, calculatedly seductive. Even in prison, he’s still handsome, impressive. Like most ambitious men, he thinks scandal is just a speed-bump on the road to success. We come to like him, but we also continue to be wary of him—and wonder why Alicia doesn’t divorce him. We’re often unsure of Peter’s motives, but we’re never unsure of his love for his kids.

Grace Florrick

Makenzie Vega


She’s had a harder time than Zach with the post-scandal fallout, partly because she takes the taunts at school more seriously and partly because of her boundless admiration for her father. The higher you hold someone, the farther they have to fall.

Eli Gold

Alan Cumming

Eli Gold是Peter Florrick的競選幕僚,人稱「戰略軍師」。一位從芝加哥街頭運動竄起的政治鬥士,越是黑暗骯髒,越是能夠大展身手,達到目的。有話直說,包括髒話,但很會彈鋼琴。

Eli Gold is Peter Florrick’s campaign advisor, one with a reputation as a wartime consigliere. A tough up-from-the-Chicago-streets political in-fighter, he is at his best when it’s dirtiest. He speaks his mind, tends toward the expletive and is a classically trained pianist.

Kalinda Sharma

Archie Panjabi

一位印度籍的美人。如同寶萊塢版本的《永不妥協》的女主角。不講廢話、獨立、冷酷、急躁、漠不關心,帶點中性氣質。她為所有的律師調查,包括 Will、Diane和Cary,但她最重視的人是Alicia,總是護著她。雖然兩人有很多地方大不相同,但他們成為最好的工作夥伴,雖然對 Kalinda來說這有點怪,因為她很少交朋友。

An East Indian stunner. Bollywood Erin Brockovich. No-nonsense, independent, a cool temperament, nonchalantly bisexual. She investigates for all the lawyers—Will, Diane and Cary—but she continues to work the best with Alicia, taking her under her wing. As different as the two are, they become good work friends—which is odd for Kalinda; she rarely makes friends.

Cary Agos

Matt Czuchry


Bright and shiny Harvard grad and Alicia’s competition. Cary only has one ball to juggle—work. Alicia has a half dozen—husband, kids, in-laws, homework, school. Cary is a Machiavellian opponent who always knows what buttons to push. And sometimes, that’s exactly who you need on your side.

Diane Lockhart

Christine Baranski


A tough and smart feminist. Dresses like a million bucks. The top litigator in town. Diane has deeply held beliefs about the power of women in the workplace. She’s made a slew of life sacrifices in order to shatter the “glass ceiling” for other women; and Alicia, in her mind, was an “opt-out mum”—someone who gave up career to raise a family.

Will Gardner

Josh Charles

男人就是男人。Will算是Alicia工作上的「辯護律師」。當其他人不敢雇用Alicia時,他義無反顧決定雇用她。他和Diane爭論關於她 的能力,認為她能勝任,但其實一部分是專業判斷,一部分是出於私情。Will把Alicia視為律師們的阿基里斯之腱。身為五十位芝加哥黃金單身漢之一 員,Will不管是在生活、法庭或是床笫上都游刃有餘,無往不利。

A guy’s guy. Will is Alicia’s defender at work. He hired her when nobody else would. He argues with Diane about her capabilities, but it’s partly personal, partly professional. Will sees Alicia is the States Attorney’s Achilles Heel. One of the “Top 50 Chicago Bachelors,” Will makes it all look easy– life, law, sex.

Alicia Florrick

Julianna Margulies

Alicia一直以來是位乖女孩,結婚後是位好太太,好媽媽。一心為家庭付出,盡可能顧全丈夫面子,不搶走他的光彩。然而丈夫鋃鐺入獄後,相隔13 年,Alicia決定重返職場,從基層開始幹起,擔任新進顧問律師。然而她絕不是超級犀利律師。她打輸官司,犯下錯誤,但對她的客戶來說,她總是非常親 切,站在他們的立場設想,因為她知道遭人誤解是什麼感覺。

Alicia’s always been the good girl — the good girl who became the good wife, then the good mum: devoted and struggling not to outshine her husband. With her husband in jail, and after a thirteen-year absence, Alicia re-enters the workforce starting at the bottom as a junior associate. But Alicia is far from a super-lawyer. She loses cases, she makes mistakes, but her saving grace is always her affinity for her clients. She knows what it’s like to be misjudged.