MOD 257


Last Day Of The Nazis
2020/11/30起 每週一21:40


A new limited series that takes viewers inside the minds of the Germans themselves and sees the events of WWII from their perspective. The series begins in 1945 and tells the story of Hitler's Germany in reverse; from the fall to the rise. By using of the best of documentary and drama that combines factual storytelling with rich character-driven stories, we will be able to go inside the minds of the people that were there.Viewers will be introduced to real characters across the Nazi spectrum from Adolph Hitler to ordinary German civilians at a time when the Reich is in its final death throes. By meeting these characters at their most vulnerable we will be able to enter their minds and go back in time to tell their stories. The series will trace how the seeds of Nazi Germany first took hold in the 1930's and grew until it finally consumed Germany and almost all the world in an avalanche of destruction. LAST DAYS OF THE NAZIS brings to life a core history topic that continues to resonate with our audience. In addition, the series is set to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII in 2015. Also Reich is being produced by Nicole Rittenmeyer who also produced Third Reich: The Rise and Fall.