節目介紹 Introduction

DIVA 生活向前衝 跟傷痛say bye-bye

我們歡迎有幽默感的男人: 令人爆笑的萬人迷Matthew Perry回到電視上了。他飾演電台的運動播報播報員,老婆死後,加入一個心靈支持團體。千萬不要讓「團體治療」這個名稱嚇到你。他與完美主義的導師,和 千奇百怪理由尋求治療的團友,發生衝突,結果卻完全是歡笑一籮筐。有人傷心欲絕暴飲暴食,有人和鬼魂團聚,還有各種稀奇古怪事情,《生活向前衝》想告訴大家,所有的事都有正面(有趣)的一面,人要知道往哪個方向看去。


We love a man with a sense of humor: Irreverently funny charmer Matthew Perry is back on the small screen as a radio sportscaster forced to join a support group after the death of his wife. Don’t let the phrase “group therapy” get you down; when he clashes with his perfectionist group leader and oddball mix of fellow therapy-seekers, the results are pure comedy. From grief eating to ghostly reunions and everything in between, Go On proves that there’s a bright (and funny) side to everything…you just have to know where to look.

角色介紹 Characters


Brett Gelman

飾演神秘的 K先生, 他小心謹慎地掩蓋自己的傷痛。他是 Funny or Die Presents的固定班底, 也參與  The League、《人生如戲》、《凡人煩人》的演出。

Mysterious Mr. K, whose grief is a closely guarded secret. Brett is a regular performer on Funny or Die Presents, and has appeared in The League, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Bored to Death.


Tyler James Williams

飾演害羞都宅在家裡的Owen, Ryan 想幫他走出孤寂。Tyler也參與艾美獎提名影集《人人都恨克利斯》的演出。

Shy and reclusive Owen, whom Ryan manages to draw out of his shell. Tyler starred on Emmy-nominated series Everybody Hates Chris.


Julie White

好勝的女律師與新成員Ryan在團體中爭地位。 你可以認出她在《變形金剛》電影系列飾演Sam Witwicky的母親。 她最新的作品有史蒂芬史匹柏的 Office Seekers,合作演員有Daniel Day Lewis 和Sally Field。Anne電視作品包括 Grace Under Fire、《法網遊龍:特案組》和《六呎風雲》。

An alpha female lawyer whose competitive nature pits her against group newcomer Ryan for the position of top dog. You may recognize her as Sam Witwicky’s mother in the Transformers film series. Her most recent movie venture was Steven Spielberg’s Office Seekers with Daniel Day Lewis and Sally Field, while TV credits include Grace Under Fire and stints on Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU and Six Feet Under.


Laura Benanti

一個完美主義,照本宣科的團體治療導師。自從Ryan的加入,並決定好好整治這個團隊,導師權威開始受到挑 戰,讓她非常不開心。 劇場老將Laura 在百老匯演出曾獲得東尼獎。在音樂劇Nin飾演Antonio Banderas充滿創意的謬思,還曾在《花花公子俱樂部》、《如果還有明天、《法網遊龍:特案組》 客串演出。

The perfectionist, by-the-book group therapy leader whose authority is challenged when Ryan joins the group and decides to shake things up… leaving her seriously annoyed. Theater veteran Laura has won a Tony award for her work on Broadway, and played Antonio Banderas’ creative muse in Nine, in addition to guest roles on The Playboy Club, The Big C, and Law & Order: SVU.


John Cho

Ryan的老闆與最佳拍檔。他想幫助他的夥伴度過悲痛,這時他大男人沙文主義的心態開始動搖與改變。 你一定記得他曾參與成功的賣座喜劇電影《美國派》,《豬頭漢堡飽》,在J.J. Abrams重拍的《星際爭霸戰 》裡,他飾演Sulu中尉。

John Cho stars as Steven, Ryan’s boss and best buddy, whose chauvinistic ways are severely challenged when he must learn to support his pal through his grief. You’ll remember him from the huge comedy successes American Pie and Harold & Kumar, and from J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot, where he plays Lieutenant Sulu.

Ryan King

Matthew Perry

由Matthew Perry領銜主演的Ryan King,是一位快人快語的電台運動播報員,老婆過世後,被迫參加治療團體-但他還沒有準備好與人分享內心深處的感覺。 Matthew在《六人行》飾演錢德一角,也在《傲骨賢妻》客串,飾演一位操守有問題的芝加哥律師。

Matthew Perry leads the cast as Ryan King, a sharp-tongued sports radio host required to attend group therapy after his wife’s death—and who’s not exactly in a touchy-feely, share-our-feelings mood. Best known as Chandler on Friends, Matthew also did a guest stint on The Good Wife as a Chicago lawyer with questionable morals.