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Detective Durant: Cold Blood
2020/07/03起 每週五22:20

Julia Durant警探及Felix Dombrowski警探來到鄉下偵辦16歲少女Selina Kautz失蹤案,發現看似寧靜的鄉村風景卻可能隱藏了邪惡的秘密。

Julia透過幻象而發現湖邊的屍體,但死者不是Selina,而是六個月前失蹤的鄰村女孩Kerstin Grumack。解剖後發現她在溺死前被下藥,證實是他殺。兩位警探必須在兇手再次殺人之前盡快找出兩名女孩的關聯,但村人卻拒不合作。




製作公司:Gaumont GMBH



Even an idyllic country village like Ortkriftl can harbour an unspeakable evil. That’s what detectives Julia Durant and Felix Dombrowski discover when they arrive to investigate the disappearance of 16-year old Selina Kautz.

One of Julia’s mysterious visions lead them to a body in a lake, but it isn’t Selina’s. The victim is Kerstin Grumack, another girl from the village who vanished six months earlier. When the autopsy reveals she was drugged before she drowned, it’s clear this was no accident; this was murder. Now it’s a race against time to discover what links the two girls before the killer can strike again – but this village has many untold secrets, and the residents plan on keeping it that way.

Director:          Marian von Heland, Nicolai Rohde

Producer:                Andreas Bareiß, Sabine de Mardt

Production Co:        Gaumont GMBH

Cast:                        Sandra Borgmann, Guido Broscheit, Eric Stehfest