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My Father's Bike
20220/06/06 週六21:00









製作公司:TVN,Federico Film,PISF



Grandfather’s wife unexpectedly leaves him for another man and this sparks a series of events. His son and grandson arrive from abroad and set off for a journey to find a woman dear to each of them. Although in conflict earlier, forced by circumstances, the three of them have to learn how to talk to one another. That’s when emotions explode and secrets are revealed.

Unhealed wounds, mutual accusations and intergenerational misunderstandings.  In Piotr Trzaskalski’s film, a lifetime of unresolved issues and buried secrets come to light when estranged fathers and sons are brought together in a search for the woman who binds them together.

She left pork chops in the fridge and a goodbye letter on the cupboard. After many years of marriage, Barbara (Anna Nehrebecka) leaves her husband Włodek (Michał Urbaniak), stating that she has left him for another man. The 70-year-old, with advanced diabetes and an addiction to alcohol, has a heart attack. Włodek's long-lost son Paweł (Artur Żmijewski), a world-famous pianist who lives in Germany, and grandson Maciek (Krzysztof Chodorowski), who lives in England with his mother, come to see him immediately. Old grudges, accusations and grievances resurface. When Włodek's condition improves, the three begin a search for Barbara, their wife - mother - grandmother.

My Father's Bike follows the unusual journey of seventy-year-old Włodek, whose wife suddenly leaves him for another man. He sets off to find her, accompanied by his estranged son, a celebrated pianist, who also has a difficult relationship with his own son, living in England. The three men end up renting a small lake house, where their relationships are put to test over a period of a few days. They try to resolve long-time feuds, resentments and come to a basic understanding and empathy towards each other. The three lead roles are played by Polish jazz star Michał Urbaniak as the grandfather, Artur Żmijewski and Krzysztof Chodorowski.

They say that men never understand women. And what if things are even worse and one man will never understand another, as well? The newest comedy-drama by Piotr Trzaskalski is an original guise to the world of men. Why men in love cannot express their emotions in words, regardless of their age? Pawel, Wlodek and Maciek are condemned to spend a few days together and they will not miss a single opportunity to make life miserable to one another. Is it true that there is more that divides, than unites them? Is there a key to understand the man’s point of view?

Director:          Piotr Trzaskalski

Producer:                Marta Plucińska, Paweł Pluciński

Production Co:        TVN, Federico Film, PISF

Cast:                        Artur Żmijewski, Michał Urbaniak, Krzysztof Chodorowski,

Anna Nehrebecka, Witold Dębicki