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On The Edge
2020/06/07 週日21:00

Vadim Raevskii(安德烈馬斯連基飾演)是俄羅斯的首席導演,也是一名混蛋,電影一開頭,就有好幾個角色這麼告訴觀眾。他是一個追求女色的自大混蛋,不但對就讀電影系的獨生女Artyom(亞莉珊德米契科夫)不聞不問,也毫不隱藏對妻子Vera(維多莉亞伊薩科娃)的輕蔑。



本片由阿爾喬姆維特金編劇,根據真實故事改編,獻給某個特定的人。年輕時的他們是最好的朋友,然而命運特別眷顧Vadim Raevsky,他成為著名導演,過著光鮮亮麗的生活,新片還獲得了奧斯卡提名。成功似乎無處不在,但命運卻帶給他意外的打擊:Vadim失去了親愛的人。他不相信這是意外,決心找到肇事者,深入調查之後發現令人震驚的細節。



製作公司:Propeller Prodakshn / Real Dakota(filmweb)


Vadim Raevskii (Andrey Merzlikin) is Russia’s leading director, and he is a bastard. This we are told by several characters at the beginning of the film. He is a womanising, arrogant jerk of a man who can’t find time for his only child, Artyom (Aleksandr Michkov), a film student, whilst also ignorant to the barely concealed contempt of his wife, Vera (Viktoria Isakova).

When a family tragedy occurs, Vadim goes on a journey of self-destruction as he discovers why his family has crumbled around him.

Don’t be fooled by the beautiful happy family photo… The Green Carriage is a dramatic thriller of a well-known film director leading a glamorous carefree life until fate steps in and deals him a harsh blow… losing his nearest and dearest. Unable to accept it is simply an accident, he attempts to decipher the causes of what happened and who is to blame. As he delves deeper, shocking details are revealed.

Script written by Artem Vitkin is based on a true story and dedicated to a certain person.

Once they were young and they were the best friends. However, fate seems to be particularly well-meaning to Vadim Raevsky. He is a famous director, he lives a life in glamour and his new film is nominated for an Oscar. It would seem that success follows him everywhere, but unexpectedly fate presents a crushing defeat: Vadim loses someone close. He does not believe in the accident and tries to find the culprit. But the more he advances in his investigation, the more shocking details he discovers.

Writer:                    Oleg Asadulin

Producer:                Renat Davletyarov, Grigori Podzemelny and Artem Vitkin

Production Co:        Propeller Prodakshn / Real Dakota (source: filmweb)

Cast:                        Andrey Merzlikin, Viktoriya Isakova, Aleksandr Michkov,

Sergey Yushkevich, Vladimir Menshov, Evgeniya Malakhova