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忍者戰士 英國版 第3季

Ninja Warrior UK (S3)
2020/06/01起 每週一21:55首播
由班謝佛、羅歇爾謙姆絲和基斯卡馬華主持的這場障礙賽,來自全國各地的參賽者於此測試他們的力量、速度和勇氣。那些完成緊張刺激任務的人將面臨一項最終任務- 攀上一座名為「綠山」的塔,他們為爭奪英國版忍者戰士的頭銜而戰。
Competitors from across the nation test their strength,speed and courage in this obstacle-course challenge,hosted by Ben Shephard, RochelleHumes and Chris Kamara. Thosewho make it to the end of the adrenaline-fuelled mission face one final task - scaling the heights of a tower named Mount Midoriyama - as they battle it out for the title of NinjaWarrior UK.