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華柏格漢堡店 第5季

Wahlburgers (S5)
2018/06/03 每週一至週五 21:05-21:00


Season 5 - The American dream is alive and well in Boston, Massachusetts. From the streets of Dorchester to the red carpets of Hollywood, the city's most famous family, the Wahlbergs, has taken on a new sizzling business venture. Brothers Mark and Donnie Wahlberg have impressed us in the world of entertainment and now they are joining forces with their self-professed 'most talented sibling,' Paul, as he sets out to make the family name as synonymous with burgers as Boston is to baked beans.The action centers on the Wahlberg family and the group of eccentric employees who work for them, as they face the challenges that come with running a burger joint. But with a name like Wahlberg, it comes with high expectations to the take the city (and eventually the country) by storm.