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我的廚房我作主 第10季

My Kitchen Rules (S10)
2019/05/27起 週一至週三 21:25首播

Pete Evans 和 Manu Feildel將再次聯手主持澳洲最受歡迎的廚藝競賽節目,堂堂進入最新第十季!本季的《我的廚房我做主》將讓競賽隊伍迎接前所未有的新挑戰、新地點、新臉孔、新料理與全新獎賞。同時本季一開始,一群素昧平生的陌生人將組隊挑戰最新2019年《我的廚房我做主》的冠軍殊榮。

Pete Evans and Manu Feildel are back with a tenth season of Australia’s most popular and hotly contested cooking show!This season of My Kitchen Rules will test teams like never before with new challenges, locations, faces, cuisines and rewards. Also, in a series first, perfect strangers are teamed up to compete for the tiel of MKR Champions 2019.