MOD 383


Losing Traction
2019/01/03起 每週四 09:50首播(連播兩集)
Matt Field and his crew prepare to go to Long Beach, California for the first stop of the Formula Drift tour. As they’re tuning their newly upgraded car, they realize that something isn’t quite right.
Matt's first opponent in the ProAm series is Fredric Aasbo, one of the best on the tour. During the battle, Matt’s car hits Aasbo’s, costing him the battle, and preventing him from driving in the rest of the competition.
Ekaterina’s hash ordered a new car for the upcoming ProAm event. The team works on Ty Milner’s car too. Ty, Matt’s main technician, won the last Golden Gate Drift ProAm event, and is looking forward to showing off again.
Matt and the team head to Miami  to compete in the third stop of the tour. A completely new track for the Formula Drift circuit, this track adds an interesting element: none of the drivers have ever practiced there.
Matt returns to his roots and does an offroad desert race with his dad. Here, Matt is not responsible for the performance of the vehicle, he is simply there to drive. In this long distance race, endurance is everything.
Confident from his performance at Miami, Matt feels ready to compete in New Jersey, but his vehicle starts experiencing some problems. Matt must rush to search for a specific and rare part for his engine.
To get exposure for the shop and make some extra money, Matt decides to start a local drifting event. As he plans and organizes, work at the shop becomes overwhelming. He has new clients to please, and limited time.
Matt gets put up against Chris Forsburg, who took the podium over him in Miami. The battle is extremely close, but Forsberg is chosen by the judge, making Matt question the viability of taking on so many roles at once.
As Matt and his team gain new clients at The Drift Cave, they decide to move to a bigger shop. The time they spend on moving, however, means that they must rush through some client projects in order to make ends meet.
Matt and the team head to Fort Worth, Texas. Amidst stress and tension, Matt qualifies, but is placed against one of the best, Vaughan Gittin Jr. Gittin, a crowd favorite, takes the win, but Matt keeps his chin up.