MOD 383


Criss Angel - Believe
2019/01/06起 每週日 21:55首播
克里斯企圖成為第一個從混凝土墓穴中逃脫的人;他又揭示如何升起一個汽水罐;並在髮廊向Ice T表演一個驚人的魔術。
Criss attempts to become the first person in history to succeed escaping from a Cement Grave alive. Criss also reveals how to levitate a soda can, and gives rapper Ice T a bloody demonstration in a barbershop.
Criss trains with Olympic Gold Medalist, Jordyn Wieber, before attempting a potentially deadly walk across an I-beam high above a crowd - blindfolded. Criss also blows rapper Ludacris' mind in a costly magic stunt.
Criss attempts to make history by surviving the Bullet Catch which has taken the lives of 12 others. He also takes on MMA Champ Randy Couture in a muscle reading challenge & brings the heat with Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas.
Inspired by the early death of his own father, Criss takes on his biggest challenge yet, to bring the dead back to life.  Criss makes strangers believe in the powers of voodoo and makes his intern literally lose his head.