MOD 257


Breaking Mysterious
2018/09/01 週六 04:20
A mysterious email leads to what could be a huge underwater UFO base off the California coast; an investigation of new activity at Area 51 takes a dangerous turn.
Experts try to uncover what could be the first recording of New Mexico's 'Taos Hum' and probe paranormal activity in Oklahoma.
The Unexplained hunts for the truth about a legendary 1980s arcade game linked to the CIA's mind control program, MK-Ultra and searches for a nuclear bomb lost off the coast of Georgia's Tybee Island.
A secret serviceman for President Kennedy sheds light on a plot to assassinate him on the streets of Chicago and a treasure hunter may have located Arizona's infamous Lost Dutchman Mine.
The Unexplained rides-along with the demon-hunting advance man for a breakaway order of Catholic exorcists and seeks out the origins of powerful hacker group known as ANONYMOUS.