MOD 259

監視器罪案 第3季

See No Evil (S3)
2019/01/02起 每週三 22:50

數千小時的監視器影像、十三起驚人的犯罪調查、追查真相與正義的堅持,第三季的<監視器罪案>講述監視器影像如何協助偵破犯罪事件,本季節目首度包含一宗受害者存活下來並接受採訪的案件,也包含第一起以警察隨身相機影像作為判刑關鍵證據的案件,並讓犯下性侵與殺人的兇手Prince ‘Frank’ Tsetse鋃鐺入獄。一起英國案件靠著影像紀錄追查出可疑的連續殺人犯Christopher Halliwell,影像紀錄在另外兩件親戚殺人案中也成為重要證據。

Thousands of hours of camera footage. 13 astonishing investigations. One single-minded search for truth and justice.The return of See No Evil breaks incredible new ground as series three reveals shocking crimes solved by surveillance footage. This season’s true stories include the first time a victim has survived –and spoken –on camera,and the first ever example of crucial police body-cam evidence securing the conviction of rapist and murderer Prince ‘Frank’ Tsetse.We’ll also see footage from our first British case uncover the potential serial killer Christopher Halliwell and solve two stories featuring members of the same family murdering relatives.