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Who Runs The World With Mongchin
2018/07/23 每週一 21:30

LIFETIME頻道邀請新加坡人氣網紅楊夢珺(Yeoh Mong Chin)嘗試此生最意想不到的任務──在八周內跑遍六個國家。對新手跑者孟晴來說這看似不可能的任務,但她並非孤軍奮戰。孟晴每到一個國家都會有音樂人、美食部落客、時裝設計師等來自各行業的來賓幫助她一起完成這項任務。

Who Runs The World is offering delicate beauty influencer YEOH MONGCHIN a chance to do something she never thought she'd do - do SIX runs in 6 countries over 8 weeks. It seems impossible, but this rookie runner is not alone. In each country, she's going to meet musicians, food bloggers, fashion designers... people from all walks of life who are united by a love for running. Each will help her in their own way to make it through this challenge, from designing the coolest leggings on the planet to curating the perfect playlist for the run to introducing her to the most delicious carb loading known to man. With their support, Mongchin hopes she will complete this challenge and inspire people everywhere to get moving!