MOD 257

怪物探險之旅 第2季

Monsterquest (S2)

許多人聲稱看過一名身高5到7呎左右的褐色毛髮野人出沒在中國偏僻的湖北省山區林地間。Many witnesses claim that a wild man, who is covered in reddish-brown hair and is five to seven feet tall, roams the mountainous and forested regions of China's remote Hubei province.

專家研究公牛鯊的行為,並潛入聖羅倫斯海道欲尋找另一種巨獸,即格陵蘭鯊,而牠能長到比大白鯊還大隻。Experts examine the behavior of the bull shark and dive in the St Lawrence Seaway to uncover another giant, the Greenland Shark, which can grow bigger than the Great White.

在加拿大安大略省北部,某個生物不斷侵擾一座小木屋,而且似乎留下了血跡。DNA鑑識結果顯示該生物非靈長類動物。Something has been attacking a remote cabin in Northern Ontario, Canada, which may have left behind a blood trail. DNA analysis suggests that the creature is a non-human primate.