MOD 627


2023/2/12,週日 21:00


Roberta (Sarah Felberbaum) and Leòn (Eduardo Noriega), precarious forties in search of redemption, stage a fake wedding in Puglia to pocket the money from the envelopes that the guests give to the newlyweds. The accomplices are the transformist Giorgio (Massimo Ghini), Leòn’s friend and mentor, and the non-conformist Giada (Cristina Donadio), Roberta’s aunt. The obstacles are the bride’s family. The stuffy mother Lucrezia (Anna Galiena), the paranoid brother Sauro (Dino Abbrescia) and the crazy father Alberto (Maurizio Marchetti). In a whirlwind of unexpected events, it won’t be easy for the protagonists to get the revenge they deserve. And maybe something more. An adventurous film. A comedy of feelings. And between reality and fiction the promise of a great love story.

An offbeat comedy about love and life-changing coincidences.