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強尼戴普 VS. 安柏赫德:由愛生恨

Johnny VS. Amber: From Love To Hate
強尼戴普和安柏赫德的關係從熾熱的愛情變成了熾熱的憤怒。 這部紀錄片凸顯出審判中最扣人心弦的時刻,以及他們與 TMZ 報導採訪和資訊,同時記錄了婚姻、離婚和眾多暴力指控。
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s relationship went from white-hot love to red-hot anger. The documentary highlights the most gripping moments of the trial and their relationship with interviews and information TMZ reported while chronicling the marriage, divorce and numerous allegations of violence.