MOD 385


每週五 22:30

我們的世界被科技佔領了!如今網路上到處都是有趣的小玩意,最酷發明或發明家想出來的先進科技產品。在這全新節目《移動科技新動能》中,我們將看看 22 位發明家的生活,理解他們是如何工作、構思和發明科技 ! 他們的行動是什麼、他們是如何做出決定、他們的動機又是什麼、 以及他們如何發掘自己的天賦與熱情?

Our world is taken by technology! The internet is full of fun gadgets, cool inventions or other tech stuff people come up with nowadays. In this series of Power & Tech, we will take a look at the lives of 22 inventors and see how they work, invent and most of all think! What are their moves, how do they make their decisions, what is their drive and where did they find their passion?