MOD 259

致命的誓言 第6季

Fatal Vows (S6)

當婚姻破裂時,離婚可能變得醜陋--有時是致命的。離婚可以帶出人們最壞的一面,有時會導致他們做出可怕且令人震驚的事情,他們從來沒有想像過自己能夠做到--包括謀殺。人們不禁要問,到底出了什麼問題,這對夫婦怎麼會走到如此極端的地步。在每一集裡,我們將看到我們的主角從 "相愛 "的幸福夫妻過渡到為房子、孩子、冷酷的現金或贍養費而爭鬥的敵對丈夫和妻子。隨著關係的崩潰,每一集都用採訪和重演來展示離婚如何壓倒一個家庭,以至於他們在謀殺案調查中交織在一起。問題是誰殺了誰,離婚是如何促使這個人犯下可怕的、冷血的謀殺案?


When marriages fall apart, divorce can turn ugly - sometimes deadly. Divorce can bring out the worst in people, sometimes leading them to do terrible, shocking things they never imagined they were capable of doing - including murder. One can't help but wonder what went wrong and how the couple got to such an extreme point. Throughout each episode we'll watch as our protagonists transition from being a happy couple "in love", to a hostile husband and wife battling for the house, the kids, cold hard cash or alimony. As the relationship collapses, each episode uses interviews and re-enactments to show how divorce can overwhelm a family to the extent that they become intertwined in a murder investigation. The question is who killed whom and how did divorce drive this person to commit grisly, cold-blooded murder?