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懸案實錄 第2季

Cold Case Files (S2)
2022/1/18起,每週二 21:05


There are approximately 120,000 cold murder cases in American and only about 1% are ever solved. With recent advancements in technology and the methods used to solve these cases, as well as the unwavering dedication of victims' families, law enforcement and the public, "Cold Case Files" explores the cases the defied the odds. Narrated by the original host and producer of "Cold Case Files," celebrated veteran journalist and newsman Bill Kurtis, each one-hour episode of the Emmy-nominated series examines the twists and turns of one murder case that remained unsolved for years, and the critical element that heated it up, leading to the evidence that finally solved it. Featuring interviews with family members, friends, detectives, and others close to the cases, the refreshed classic series examines all facets of the crime and shines a light on a range of voices and victims.


懸案實錄 第1季
Cold Case Files (S1)