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魚鷹: 海洋猛禽

Osprey: Sea Raptor
2021/11/28 週日 13:10


  - 由著名英國演員西恩賓(魔戒、權力遊戲)聲音導航,為故事增添深度。


On the east coast of North America an osprey soars over a tiny saltmarsh at the delta of the Connecticut River. He has just flown 6000 kilometres, to the place that’s imprinted on his memory since birth, the place where he will re-join his mate. As the reunited pair mates and broods their eggs, foxes, deer and scores of migrating shorebirds bring summer’s hustle and bustle back to the saltmarsh.  Other osprey pairs see their eggs snatched by predators that prowl the night. But this osprey pair are battle tested. Over the course of one summer, they fend of enemies, catch hundreds of fish, and raise their tiny chicks into the next generation of sea raptors. 

 - Narrated by acclaimed British actor Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones), adding an incredible depth and richness to the storytelling.