MOD 269

野生佼佼者 第1季

Wildlife Icons (S1)
2021/10/23 週六 13:10首播

探索非洲一些最可愛、最酷、最毛茸茸動物的生活……這系列將展示非洲最為人熟悉的哺乳動物- 草原上的非洲五霸- 非洲象、獅子、豹、黑犀牛和非洲水牛- 但亦有較小的哺乳類,如獴和狐獴等。每隻動物都有一個迷人的故事,每一隻都充滿驚喜。

In this series, we shine the spotlight on the animals for which Africa is so well known, and discover the life of the most lovely, the coolest, the furriest, the icons of the continent. Like the 5 icons mammals on the savanna in Africa, the African elephants, lions, cheetahs, rhinoceros, the African buffalos, and smaller sized mammals like mongooses and meerkats, etc. Every animal has a fascinating story to tell and each is full of surprises.